Shortest Job First Scheduling

Explain the following algorithm:

a) First Come, First Served Scheduling.

b) Shortest Job First Scheduling.

c) Priority Scheduling.




First Come, First Served Scheduling:

Within this Scheduling, the process which requests the CPU first is assigned the CPU first. This Scheduling algorithm is said to be Non Pre-emptive.

Shortest Job First Scheduling:

When the CPU is available, it is allocated to the process which has the smallest next CPU burst. This Scheduling algorithm can be either as Pre-emptive or Non Pre-emptive.

Priority Scheduling:

A Priority is linked with every process and the CPU is assigned to the process that is having the highest priority. This is also either Pre-emptive or Non Pre-emptive.

Memory-Management Unit:

Run-time mapping form the virtual to the physical addresses is done by the hardware device is a known as the Memory Management Unit.

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