Shifting demand of labor

The demand for labor will shift because of changes in all of the given except: (w) prices of other resources. (x) prices of output. (y) MPP (z) wages.

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    What is the condition when there is a deficit in balance of trade?

    Answer: When import > export

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    When the annual interest rate is 12 percent and a rental house can be expected to rent perpetually for $1,000 monthly, rough computation suggests the house contain a present value of: (1) $240,000. (2) $144,000. (3) $100,000. (4) $72,000. (5) $12,000.

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    Decision processes within households, and government and firms and the consequences of such decisions are initially the focus of: (1) positive economics. (2) public choice economics. (3) microeconomics. (4) normative economics. (5) microeconomics.

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    The assumption about buyers and sellers has good market information makes sure that they: (w) know everything. (x) never make errors. (y) can foretell the future. (z) won’t pay more than they have to, or sell for less than the market price.

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    Average variable costs per generic 2×4 of this pure competitor’s equal roughly: (w) $0.20 (20¢ per 2×4). (x) $1.00 per 2×4. (y) $1.70 per 2×4. (z) $2.10 per 2×4.

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    David Ricardo: (w) was the originator of the theory of pure economic rent onto land. (x) believed that land rent was earned since land would not be available at a zero price. (y) observed that marginal land which is just barely helpful commands positi

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    Purely competitive firms in long-run equilibrium as: (w) should use the most efficient technology available. (x) follow cut throat policies to produce more than society demands. (y) produce output levels where TC = TR = MR = MC = P = AR = AC. (z) have

  • Q : Thorstein Veblen-Biography Thorstein

    Thorstein Veblen is most particularly remembered for arguing that: (i) Consumer surplus is maximized by setting the marginal utility equivalent to price. (ii) National income [or NI] equivalents gross domestic product [or GDP] in circular flow model.

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    When the resource market demonstrated in this figure is into equilibrium: (1) owners of these resources currently receive no economic rents. (2) economic rent is specified from trapezoid Oade. (3) the rectangle Obde measures consumer surplus by the fi

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