Scripting Language Programming Assignment 1

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    Explain, what is UNIX?

  • Q : Define Compilation Compilation : It is

    Compilation: It is a process of translating a programming language. This frequently comprises translating a high level programming language into a low level programming language, and the binary form of a specific instruction set. The translation is ex

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    Define Undeniable Signature Scheme?

  • Q : Define the term Inheritance Inheritance

    Inheritance: It is a feature of object-oriented programming languages in which a sub-type inherits methods and variables from its super-type. The Inheritance is most generally employed as a synonym for class inheritance {class!inheritance}, however in

  • Q : What is an Attribute Attribute : It is

    Attribute: It is a particular usage of an instance variable. The set of attribute values held in a specific instance of a class state the current state of that instance. A class definition might impose specific constraints on the valid states of its i

  • Q : What is XLink What is XLink? Answer: It

    What is XLink?

    Answer: It is a part of the XLL specification which is concerned along with specifying links among documents.

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    Someone complains that throughout system testing the application frequently crashes. What probable process problem does which indicate?

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    For loop: This is one of the Java's three control structures employed for looping. The other two are while loop and do loop. A for loop includes of a loop header and a loop body. The header comprises of three expressions separated by two semicolons an

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    How would you extract an exact attribute by using XSLT, from an element into an XML document?

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