Quintile distribution of income

Give the answer of following question. In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents: A) 5 percent of the income receivers. B) 10 percent of the income receivers. C) 20 percent of the income receivers. D) 25 percent of the income receivers.

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  • Q : Long run adjustments in industry

    Associate to short-run supply curves, in long-run industry supply curves tend to be additionally: (i) vertical. (ii) positively-sloped. (iii) profitable. (iv) income inelastic. (v) price elastic.


  • Q : Income elasticity of demand Income

    Income elasticity of demand:

    Income elasticity of demand is the degree of receptiveness of demand to the modification in income.

    Q : Incurs total costs by profit

    This profit-maximizing brickyard as in illustrated figure incurs total costs of approximately: (i) $1200 daily. (ii) $1300 daily. (iii) $1400 daily. (iv) $1530 daily (v) $1600 daily.

    Q : Labor Unions Strikes-Picket Lines I

    I have a problem in economics on Labor Unions Strikes-Picket Lines. Please help me in the following question. The striking workers who parade in front of the firm’s facilities carrying signs influence potential customers to boycott the firm&rsqu

  • Q : Dependency of prices due to transaction

    Economists frequently refer to “the price” as while each good has only one price. Conversely, prices frequently vary greatly, depending upon where you are, due to: (w) advertising. (x) transaction costs. (y) marketing overhead. (z) poor co

  • Q : Negatively-sloped-Law of Demand The

    The Demand curves are negatively-sloped mainly as people: (1) Encounter advertising which molds the product images. (2) Have less purchasing power if prices fall for the things they sell. (3) Use goods which rise in price less, and expand the utilizat

  • Q : Economic Rent of Demand Curve When D 0

    When D0 is the initial demand curve for land in this illustrated figure, within equilibrium the economic rent realized through the landowner will be: (1) zero. (2) area Ocef. (3) area cae. (4) area Oaef. (5) a pure economic

  • Q : Characterized monopolistic competition

    Monopolistic competition is NOT described by: (1) P = MSC. (2) large numbers of sellers. (3) P = LRATC. (4) MR = MC. (5) differentiated products.

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  • Q : Quantity of good supplied-Law of supply

    The law of supply states that the amount of a good supplied is: (i) Legally governed by the production regulations. (ii) Inversely related to its absolute price. (iii) Recognized by the consumer tastes in the free market economy. (iv) Positively relat

  • Q : Annual total revenue when profit

    When Nostalgia Corporation maximizes profit in its production of Silver Screen DVDs, in that case its annual total revenue will be roughly: (i) $40 million. (ii) $60 million. (iii) $80 million. (iv) $100 million. (v) $120 million.