Quintile distribution of income

Give the answer of following question. In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents: A) 5 percent of the income receivers. B) 10 percent of the income receivers. C) 20 percent of the income receivers. D) 25 percent of the income receivers.

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  • Q : Barriers of entry with oligopoly market

    Barriers of entry tend to be important, and main industries dominated by some huge firms while the market structure is an: (w) monopoly. (x) perfect competition. (y) oligopoly. (z) cartel.

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  • Q : Income floor by marginal tax rate A

    A marginal tax rate of 75 percent and an income floor of ____ give in a break-even level of income of $8,000. (w) $2,000. (x) $4,000. (y) $6,000. (z) $16,000.

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  • Q : Price elastic of supply between two

    In between point c and d in this supply curve of 2×4s, the price elastic of supply as: (i) 1.0. (ii) 1.6. (iii) 2.2. (iv) 2.8. (v) 3.4.

    Q : Estimating national income by

    Describe precautions to be taken in estimating national income by expenditure technique?

    Answer: The following precautions are to be taken while evaluating N.I. by

  • Q : Utilitarianism-Peoples happiness The

    The social goal of providing the biggest happiness to the most people is intent to practice the: (i) Precautionary discretion. (ii) Classical theory. (iii) Utilitarianism. (iv) Speculative balances. (v) Arbitrage.

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    The capability of unskilled workers to compete against skilled workers for jobs tends to be decreased by: (1) progressive income taxes. (2) laws which impose excessive legal minimum wages. (3) speculation and arbitrage. (d) inflationary balance of trade deficits. (5)

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    Refer to the following diagram. If line b represents the pretax and transfer distribution of income in the United States, we would expect the post-tax and transfer distribution to be: A) line a. B) line b, because taxes and transfers have no effect on income distribut

  • Q : Accounting profits when economic profit

    Whenever economic profit equivalents zero, then the accounting profits: (i) Are explicit costs of the remaining in business. (ii) Will induce raised investment even when accounting costs are much low. (iii) Are too zero. (iv) Reflect normal returns on the investment t

  • Q : Definition of Featherbedding Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The Featherbedding is: (i) Practiced by the migratory ducks and geese merely. (ii) Practiced by the female song birds each and every spring. (iii) Rousingly substituted by the water-bedding. (

  • Q : Prices and costs of investment goods

    The prices and costs of investment goods do not be likely to: (1) rise during periods of prosperity. (2) rise as demand for these goods increases. (3) fall throughout economic slumps. (4) fall as demand for these goods decreases. (5) fall as a result

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