Purpose to use WML Script

What are the purpose to use WML Script?




The purpose of WMLScript is to present client-side procedural logic. It depends on ECMA Script (which is based on Netscape’s JavaScript language), as it has been modified in places to support low bandwidth communications and thin clients. The insertion of a scripting language into the base standard was an absolute must. Whereas many Web developers regularly desire not to use client-side JavaScript because of browser incompatibilities (or clients using older browsers), these logics still be replaced by additional server-side scripts. This engages extra roundtrips between clients-servers which is somewhat all wireless developers want to avoid. WML Script permit code to be constructing into files relocates to mobile client and hence many of these round-trips can be eliminated. When you add interactivity to your WML-pages, such as user input, you should use WML Script.

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