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  • Q : What is Continuing Appropriation

    Continuing Appropriation: This is an appropriation for the set amount which is obtainable for more than 1-year.

  • Q : State statement of cash flows State

    State three major sections of the statement of cash flows?

    • Cash flows from investing activities
    • Cash flows from Operations
    • Cash flows from financing activities
    • Net change in cash balance
    • Cash balance at beginning of period

  • Q : Explain Planning Estimate Planning

    Planning Estimate (PE): A document employed to record and monitors those present and budget year expenditure adjustments comprising budget change proposals accepted for inclusion in the Governor's Budget. PEs is broken down by department, character, f

  • Q : Making capital structure decisions In a

    In a perfect capital market, what advice would you give a corporate financial manager on making capital structure decisions? Justify your advice. How and why would your advice change as real world capital market imperfections are introduced?

    Q : What is Detail of Appropriations and

    Detail of Appropriations and Adjustments: A budget display, for each association, that replicates appropriations and adjustments by fund source for each of the character of expenditure, (that is, State Operations, Local Assistance, and Capital Outlay)

  • Q : Debit or credit Hi this is Shailender

    Hi this is Shailender Ojha i want to know when we receive the sales where we put the sales. in debit or credit column . could you please let me know.

  • Q : Describe the primary variables in EOQ

    Describe the primary variables being balanced in the EOQ inventory model? Clarify
    In the EOQ model the primary variables being balanced are carrying costs and ordering costs. The more frequent orders are placed the lower the firm's carrying co

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