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  • Q : Describe Section 1.50 Section 1.50 : It

    Section 1.50: It is a section of the Budget Act which

    A) Identifies a certain style and format for the codes employed in the Budget Act,

    B) Authorizes the Department of Finance

  • Q : Describe the primary variables in EOQ

    Describe the primary variables being balanced in the EOQ inventory model? Clarify
    In the EOQ model the primary variables being balanced are carrying costs and ordering costs. The more frequent orders are placed the lower the firm's carrying co

  • Q : Influence of mergers on fees assessed

    What influence have mergers had on fees assessed for retail bank services?

    The effect is not clear. Market conditions and the level of competition often determine the cost for retail bank services.

  • Q : Clarify the duties of the financial

    Clarify the duties of the financial manager within a business firm.
    Financial managers measure the firm's performance, find out what the financial consequences will be if the firm maintains its present course or changes it, and suggest how the fi

  • Q : Define the term Unencumbered Balance

    Define the term Unencumbered Balance: It is the balance of an appropriation not so far committed for particular purposes.

  • Q : Companies benefit most from stronger

    What type of U.S. companies would benefit most from a stronger dollar in the foreign exchange market? Describe.
    U.S. companies which import goods from other countries would benefit from a stronger dollar. More units of foreign currency could b

  • Q : Explain Financial Reporting Financial

    Financial Reporting: It is a set of documents made generally by government agencies at the end of accounting period. It usually enclose summary of accounting data for that time period, with background forms, notes, and other information.

  • Q : Why do financial managers compute the

    Why do financial managers compute the marginal tax rate?
    Financial managers utilize marginal tax rates to estimate the future after tax cash flows from investments.  Because they are interested in how much of the next dollar earned through n

  • Q : Why do companies extend trade credit

    Accounts receivable are sometimes not gathered. Why do companies extend trade credit while they could insist on cash for all sales?
    Extending trade credit approximately leads to more sales for all time. If the incremental cash flows, comprisin