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  • Q : What is Unanticipated Cost or Funding

    Unanticipated Cost or Funding Shortage: A lack or scarcity of (a) cash in a fund, (b) expenses authority due to an inadequate appropriation, or (c) expenses authority due to a cash problem (example, reimbursements not received on a timely base).

  • Q : What is Reverted Appropriation Reverted

    Reverted Appropriation: An appropriation which is reverted to its fund source after the date its liquidation period has terminated.

  • Q : Describe Treasury bill Describe

    Describe Treasury bill? How risky is it?
    Treasury bills are short term debt instruments issued through the U.S. Treasury which are sold at a discount and pay face value at maturity.  They are very close to risk-free as they are backed throug

  • Q : Describe the primary variables in EOQ

    Describe the primary variables being balanced in the EOQ inventory model? Clarify
    In the EOQ model the primary variables being balanced are carrying costs and ordering costs. The more frequent orders are placed the lower the firm's carrying co

  • Q : What is Minor Capital Outlay Minor

    Minor Capital Outlay: The construction projects or tools needed to finish a construction project, estimated to cost less than $600,000 bonus any escalation per Public Contract Code 10108.

  • Q : What is Amendment Amendment : A

    Amendment: A proposed or customary change to a bill in the Legislature, the California Constitution, acts passed by the Legislature, or ballot initiative.

  • Q : What is Local Assistance Local

    Local Assistance (LA): The character of expenditures prepared for the support of local government or other locally administered actions.

  • Q : Describe most conservative capital

    Describe most conservative type of working capital financing plan a company could implement? clarify.
    An all equity capital structure would be the most conservative kind of working capital financing plan approach. The more long-term financing

  • Q : Explain Financial Models Financial

    Financial Models: A model which symbolizes the financial statements or financial operations of a company in terms of its business parameters and forecasts future financial performance. Models are employed for risk management by examining various econo

  • Q : Financing costs in capital budgeting

    How are financing costs incorporated generally into the capital budgeting analysis procedure?
    Usually financing costs are captured in the discount or hurdle rate while doing NPV or IRR analysis. Usually the operating cash flows do not comprise

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