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  • Q : What are Salaries and Wages Supplement

    Salaries and Wages Supplement: The annual publication issued in a while after the Governor's Budget, including a summary of all positions by department, unit, and categorization for the past, present, and budget years, as of July 1 of the present year

  • Q : What is means of correlation

    What does this mean while we say that the correlation coefficient for two variables is -1? What does it mean if this value were zero? What does it mean if it were +1?
    Correlation is calculated by the correlation coefficient, represented through t

  • Q : Analysis on Financial Manangement

    Questions 1:

    (1) Your coin collection contains 40 1957 silver dollars. If your grandparents purchased them for their face value when they were new, how much will your collection be worth when you retire in 2040, assuming they appreciate at a 10 percent annual rate?


  • Q : Why does money contain time value Why

    Why does money contain time value?

    Positive interest rates denote that money has time value. While one person lets another borrow money, the first person needs compensation in exchange for decreasing current consumption. The person who borr

  • Q : Define Cost-of-Living Adjustments

    Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA): Increases offered in state-funded programs which comprise periodic adjustments predetermined in state law (statutory, like K-12 education apportionments), or established at optional levels (that is discretionary) by

  • Q : Describe free cash flows Describe "free

    Describe "free cash flows?"
    It represents the total cash flows from business operations which are obtainable to be distributed to the suppliers of a firm's capital each year either within the form of interest to the debt holders, or dividends to

  • Q : What is Abolishment of Fund Abolishment

    Abolishment of Fund: It is a closure of fund pursuant to the operation of law. The funds might also be administratively eliminated by the Department of Finance with the concurrence of the State Controller’s Office. Whenever a sp

  • Q : Explain working of accounts receivable

    Explain working of accounts receivable factoring? And describe benefits to the two parties involved and risks?
    Factoring is while one firm sells accounts receivable (AR) to another. The purchasing firm is termed as a factor. The factor earns

  • Q : What is Sinking Fund Sinking Fund : It

    Sinking Fund: It is a fund or account in which money is deposited at customary intervals to offer for the retirement of bonded debt.

  • Q : Can a corporation contain too much

    Can a corporation contain too much working capital? Describe.
    A firm can contain too much working capital if this is losing the chance to invest in high returning fixed assets and if this goes beyond the amount of working capital required for r