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  • Q : What is Sinking Fund Sinking Fund : It

    Sinking Fund: It is a fund or account in which money is deposited at customary intervals to offer for the retirement of bonded debt.

  • Q : Define Senate Senate : The higher house

    Senate: The higher house of California’s Legislature comprising of 40 members. As an outcome of Proposition 140 (that is, 1990, term limits) and Proposition 28 (that is, 2012, limits on Legislators’ terms in office), members chosen in or a

  • Q : Do mergers result in layoffs Do mergers

    Do mergers result in layoffs?
    Entire employment in the banking industry in fact has increased slightly over the last ten years. Some mergers do result in layoffs. Though, several banks demolish their staff largely through attrition to ease the tr

  • Q : Advantages and disadvantages of working

    Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the aggressive working capital financing approach?
    An aggressive working capital financing approach generally results in a lower cost of funds for a firm however a higher level of risk.

  • Q : Describe accumulated depreciation

    Describe accumulated depreciation?
    Depreciation is the allocation of an asset's primary cost over time. Accumulated depreciation is the sum of all the depreciation cost that has been identified to date.

  • Q : Describe Form 9 Form 9 : It is the

    Form 9: It is the request by department for space planning services (example, new or extra space lease extensions, or renewals in non-institutional) and also evaluated by the Department of Finance.

  • Q : Estimation of expected incremental cash

    How do we estimate expected incremental cash flows for proposed capital budgeting project?
    We estimate expected incremental cash flows for proposed project through estimating the changes in sales and expenses which are incremental to the project

  • Q : None what are the disadvantages of

    what are the disadvantages of working capital

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