Related Questions in Managerial Economics

  • Q : Reason of an unexpectedly good

    An unexpectedly good agricultural harvest because of the: (w) profits of most speculators to soar. (x) population growth rate to accelerate. (y) market demand and price to increase. (z) quantity of food demanded to develop.

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  • Q : Wealth definition of economics Who is

    Who is the father of economics and what is wealth definition of economics?

  • Q : Economic Efficiency to make one person

    When an economic alteration makes one person better off whereas no one else is affected, then this is: (w) efficient to make the change. (x) traumatic to make the change. (y) neither good nor bad for society. (z) strictly a positive value judgment to

  • Q : Income Effects and Substitution Effects

    When the substitution effect of a higher wage rate is more powerful than the income effect, in that case the: (1) supply curve of labor will be positively sloped. (2) demand for leisure increases as income rises. (3) human capital eff

  • Q : Aggregate Supplies of Labor Into the

    Into the short run, the labor supply in an economy based least on: (1) population size and labor force participation rate. (2) individuals’ preferences between leisure and income from work. (3) the demand for labor. (4) rates and structures of w

  • Q : Explain the Expenditure Method of

    Explain the Expenditure Method of Measurement of Elasticity.

  • Q : Marginal Resource Costs and Wage Rates

    For a profit maximizing competitive firm operating within a competitive labor market, therefore the: (w) marginal resource cost of labor is the same to the wage rate. (x) supply of labor is perfectly inelastic. (y) production quota is

  • Q : Illustrate when Price is greater than

    Suppose that price is greater than average variable cost. When a perfectly competitive seller is producing at an output therefore price is $11 and the marginal cost is $14.54, in that case to maximize profits the firm must: w) continu

  • Q : Explain the role of demand factor in

    Explain the role of demand factor in pricing briefly.

  • Q : Illustrates the conditions of price

    Illustrates the conditions of price discrimination?