Related Questions in Managerial Economics

  • Q : Profit Maximization with Marginal

    All profit-maximizing firms will hire further labor up to the point where is the: (w) average physical product of labor equals the nominal wage. (x) last unit of labor adds equally to total revenue and total cost. (y) marginal product of labor is at i

  • Q : Human Capital Accumulation and the

    A society’s stock of human capital would be least probable to grow as a consequence of: (w) federal subsidies for college education. (x) sustained unemployment during a recession. (y) apprenticeship programs for construction workers. (z) retrain

  • Q : Value of Marginal Product of Labor The

    The social value of the extra output by additional units of labor is: (1) marginal revenue product of labor. (2) price of labor. (3) average revenue product of labor. (4) value of the marginal product of labor. (5) marginal resource cost of labor.

    Q : Policy of Avoiding Legal Liability The

    The expected losses to workers through shirking are increased while a firm adopts a policy of: (w) dividing productive tasks thus the division of labor is optimal. (x) paying efficiency wages which exceed market-clearing wages. (y) avoiding legal liability by not writ

  • Q : Government license in operating

    Gilligan is hiring new workers to help run his Island Getaway resort. Gilligan makes a decision that he will not hire a new worker unless they have been properly trained and certified into wilderness survival and have a license by the government to operate watercraft.

  • Q : How many types are of price elasticity

    How many types are of price elasticity of demand?

  • Q : Illustrates the internal economies of

    Illustrates the internal economies of scale?

  • Q : Aggregate Supplies of Labor Into the

    Into the short run, the labor supply in an economy based least on: (1) population size and labor force participation rate. (2) individuals’ preferences between leisure and income from work. (3) the demand for labor. (4) rates and structures of w

  • Q : Define the term cost plus pricing

    Define the term cost plus pricing.

  • Q : Income Effects and Substitution Effects

    When the substitution effect of a higher wage rate is more powerful than the income effect, in that case the: (1) supply curve of labor will be positively sloped. (2) demand for leisure increases as income rises. (3) human capital eff

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