Produces profit maximizing by marginal revenue

All profit maximizing firms makes where marginal revenue: (w) equals marginal cost. (x) equals average variable cost. (y) includes average revenue. (z) is rising.

Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics generally?

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    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The purely competitive organization in the output market which hires from a purely competitive labor market will utilize labor at the point where VMP = W since the firm: (i) Fun

  • Q : Maximizing firm profit conflicts with

    Whenever maximizing the firm profit conflicts with self-interests of business managers, this can lead to the: (i) Principal-agent problems. (ii) Negative accounting gain. (iii) Maximization of the revenues. (iv) Negative economic gain.

    Q : Analytic time in the market period In

    In the market period: (w) price is constant. (x) output is constant. (y) supply is horizontal. (z) supply is completely elastic.

    Please guys help to solve this problem of Economics with some explan

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    The financial investment probably to generate a negative rate of return is the: (w) cost of your college education. (x) purchase of a lottery ticket. (y) $25,000 each a group of business people paid to buy franchises within the American Football League into 1960 year.

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    An import tariff on Japanese cars of ac generates government revenue equivalent to: (w) trapezoid bcde. (x) rectangle P1to P2ca. (y) distance Q0   to Q1. (z) rectangle 0P2dQ2.

    Q : Maximizes profits or minimizes losses

    When it is feasible for total revenue to exceed variable costs, in that case a monopolist which does not price discriminate maximizes profits or minimizes losses from producing the output where marginal revenu

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    Types of Cost:

    A) Direct costs: clearly chargeable to a work package:

    • labour
    • materials
    • equipment
    • other

    Q : Firms and Transaction Costs An

    An individual or organization which simultaneously purchases low and sells high in various markets is a/an: (i) Angel duster. (ii) Escalator. (iii) Arbitrageur. (iv) Finagler.  (v) Optimizer.

    Can someone please help me in find

  • Q : Study of Microeconomics primarily

    Microeconomics primarily consist the study of: (w) unemployment, inflation, and our monetary system. (x) capitalism versus socialism. (y) individual decision making within households, industries and firms. (z) rational budgeting through government and

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    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Lauren, a solitaire addict, is eager to spend up to $2 for a new deck of cards. For Lauren, $2 is: (i) Market price for the deck of cards (ii) Demand price for deck of cards. (i

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