Problem regarding to intermediation for ticket scalping

Ticket-scalpers allow latecomers to ignore standing into line for tickets and permit people to wait till the last moment before deciding to attend athletic or concerts events. Are promoters of an event harmed through scalping? Must ticket scalpers' services be free? See when you can devise graphs to clarify this form of speculation.




The production of any type of good or service, with avoidance of queuing, involves costs. Without compensation, any scalper will not give this service. Events’ promoters who wish to ignore scalping could simply increase prices till they were assured surpluses of tickets and seats. Promoters do not do this since they are not harmed by scalping and do not actually want to remove scalping. When scalping was eliminated, this would decrease demands for tickets for events which unexpectedly failed to draw adequate crowds to fill the seats. Following figure demonstrates the market for scalping and tickets.

1932_intermediation for ticket scalping.png

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