Problem on demand curve

Give me answer of this question. Refer to the following diagram. Other things equal, a rightward shift of the demand curve would: A) depreciate the dollar.  B) appreciate the dollar. C) reduce the equilibrium quantity of euros. D) depreciate the euro.


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  • Q : Competitive firm shuts down in short run

    A competitive firm shuts down within the short run when: (w) this suffers a loss. (x) normal profit = 0. (y) ATC > P. (z) the minimum AVC > P.

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    Equity of fairness is an ambiguous idea, in part since people’s personal qualities can vary greatly. Conversely, that policymakers should treat people equally when they are roughly identical in the characteristics thought relevant for government policies is exte

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    Enabling labor to move out of low-wage occupations by enhancing their education, skills, training and mobility, which will tend to: (w) lower the wages of those who leave the low wage occupation. (x) raise the wages of those who remain in the low wage

  • Q : Greater economics loss than fixed costs

    Within the short run, there a monopolistically competitive firm will NOT operate at: (w) an economic loss that is less than fixed costs. (x) an economic loss that is greater than fixed costs. (y) making a normal profit. (z) making economic profits.

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    Whenever economic profit equivalents zero, then the accounting profits: (i) Are explicit costs of the remaining in business. (ii) Will induce raised investment even when accounting costs are much low. (iii) Are too zero. (iv) Reflect normal returns on the investment t

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    In an economy the MPC is 0.75. Investment expenses in the economy raise by Rs.75 crore. Compute total increase in national income.

  • Q : Market demand curve Market demand curve

    Market demand curve:

    The market demand also rises with a fall in price and vice-versa.

    In figure below the quantity demanded by

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    Shifting from left to right all along demand curve D, the price elasticity of demand for Pixie’s cheesy fried grits will be: (i) Positive, then unitary, and then negative. (ii) Constant and equivalent to one. (iii) More at high prices than at low prices. (iv) Lo

  • Q : Dependency of prices due to transaction

    Economists frequently refer to “the price” as while each good has only one price. Conversely, prices frequently vary greatly, depending upon where you are, due to: (w) advertising. (x) transaction costs. (y) marketing overhead. (z) poor co

  • Q : Marginal revenue-product of labor The

    The monopsonist will hire labor till labor's marginal resource cost equivalents the: (1) The value of average product of labor. (2) Price of labor. (3) Marginal revenue product of labor. (4) Marginal physical product.

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