how can i calculate cumulative probabilities of survival

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  • Q : Decision Variables Determine Decision

    Determine Decision Variables:

    Let X1 be the number of private homes to be inspected
    Let X2 be the number of office buildings to be inspect

  • Q : How to solve statistics assignment in

    How to solve staistics assignment, i need some help in solving stats assignment on AVOVA based problems. Could you help in solving this?

  • Q : Use the NW corner rule to find an


    (a) Use the NW corner rule to find an initial BFS, then solve using the transportation simplex method. Indicate your optimal objective function value.

    (b) Suppose we increase s1 from 15 to 16, and d3 from 10 to 11. S

  • Q : Statistics for Management Assignment

    Q : Computers playing games How Computers

    How Computers playing games can be categorized according to different dimensions?

  • Q : Program Evaluation and Review

    Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

    A) Developed by US Navy and a consulting firm in 1958 for the Polaris submarine project.

    B) Technique as for CPM method, but acti

  • Q : Safety and Liveness in Model Checking

    Safety and Liveness in Model Checking Approach;

    •? Safety: Nothing bad happens

    •? Liveness: Something good happens

    •? Model checking is especially good at verifying safety and liveness properties   
    –?Concurrency i

  • Q : Explain Queuing theory Queuing theory :

    Queuing theory:

    • Queuing theory deals with the analysis of lines where customers wait to receive a service:

    Q : Help An experiment is conducted in

    An experiment is conducted in which 60 participants each fill out a personality test, but not according to the way they see themselves. Instead, 20 are randomly assigned to fill it out according to the way they think a parent sees them (i.e. how a parent would fill it out to describe the participant

  • Q : Define Utilization Law Utilization Law

    Utilization Law:

    • ρk = XK . SK = X . DK

    • Utilization of a resource is the fraction