Price ceiling

If the government puts a rent ceiling of $650 a month, what is the rent paid and how many rooms are rented? Explain why?

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  • Q : Competitive Prices for selling This

    This purely-competitive producer’s generic bricks presently sell for: (i) $60 per thousand. (ii) $70 per thousand. (iii) $80 per thousand. (iv) $90 per thousand. (v) $100 per thousand.

    Q : Income effect dominating substitution

    The personal supply of labor is characterized by the income effect which dominates the substitution effect if: (1) Trina retires to beach condo subsequent to working for the city for 42-years. (2) Members of a rock band give up touring for a year subsequent to their s

  • Q : Strategic barriers to entry Extensive

    Extensive national advertising can be a form of: (1) natural barrier. (2) strategic barrier. (3) regulatory barrier. (4) price discrimination. (5) moral hazard.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regard

  • Q : Negatively sloped market power The

    The demand curve which confronts a: (i) competitive industry is perfectly elastic. (ii) purely competitive firm is downward sloping. (iii) monopolistic firm is horizontal. (iv) monopolistic industry is upward-sloping. (v) firm along with market power

  • Q : Problem on purchasing newly-issued

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The individual who purchases a newly-issued corporate bond is: (i) Borrowing money from corporation. (ii) Lending money to corporation. (iii) Purchasing a share of corporation.

  • Q : Influence of discount on Income Effect

    Jay saved $200 to purchase a Zowie digital camera following her friend showed Jay the Zowie she purchased for $200 at a close by camera store. Fortunately the camera was on sale for $150 all through a one-hour ‘Manager’s Special’ sale when Jay ultima

  • Q : Charging price of profit-maximizing

    Hybrid Roses is the merely florist in 60 miles of Presidio, Texas. When total fixed costs (for example, rent and utilities) are $9 per hour, that profit-maximizing monopolist will charge a price of: (1) $10 per dozen roses. (2) $12 pe

  • Q : Problem on market boundaries The

    The market’s boundaries are stated by: (i) Legislation. (ii) The number of sellers and buyers in the market. (iii) The ease of trading among sellers and buyers. (iv) Geographical borders.

    Choose the right ans

  • Q : Resources to escape state of destitution

    When an individual or family lacks adequate resources to escape a state of destitution, their circumstances are described as: (1) involuntary poverty. (2) relative poverty. (3) a vicious cycle of poverty (4) institutional poverty. (5) a culture of pov

  • Q : Problem on long run competitive

    The technology is such that LAC is minimized at firm’s output equivalent to 10 and minimum LAC is Rs. 15. Assume that the demand schedule for the product is given as shown:

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