Price ceiling

If the government puts a rent ceiling of $650 a month, what is the rent paid and how many rooms are rented? Explain why?

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  • Q : Characteristics of a purely competitive

    NOT between characteristics of a purely competitive industry would be as: (w) large numbers of potential buyers and sellers. (x) long-run freedom of entry and exit. (y) modern technology that dictates large firms. (z) buyers have no influence on price

  • Q : Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

    The law of diminishing marginal utility might be evidenced by the person: (i) Smoking more however enjoying it less. (ii) Purchasing a new car subsequent to getting an increase. (iii) Distributing excess food to starving children. (iv) Who studies muc

  • Q : Assumption of Ceteris paribus Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Suppose that everything except the variables we are studying remains constant or steady is termed as the: (1) Ceteris paribus assumption. (2) Ex-ante assumption. (3) Ex-post assumption. (4) Po

  • Q : Market power and excess capacity A

    A monopolist which does not price discriminate cannot concurrently maximize profit and: (w) charge a price equal to marginal cost. (x) minimize average cost. (y) charge a price equal to minimum average cost. (z) produce only zero econ

  • Q : Discrimination problem When racial or

    When racial or personal or sex discrimination decreases worker’s mobility across the occupations: (1) Workers will be completely compensated for their opportunity costs. (2) Economic rent is more probable to be earned by such who are not discriminated against. (

  • Q : Production possibility frontier By

    By using the production possibility frontier, revel that if a society decides to produce more capital goods associated to consumption goods in year 1, then in year 2 there will be more consumption goods.

  • Q : Profit from cost structures and market

    When cost structures and the market demands facing each of the given types of firms were identical, in that case the greatest profits would be generated through a: (1) pure monopolist. (2) price discriminating monopolist. (3) perfectly competitive fir

  • Q : Deadweight Losses and Taxation Whenever

    Whenever a tax on a good outcome less government revenue than the sum of the losses of producer and consumer surpluses due to tax, economists state that the tax has caused a/an: (1) Administrative loss. (2) Market failure. (3) Economic loss. (4) Bureaucratic loss. (5)

  • Q : Marginal cost Give the answer of

    Give the answer of following question. Refer to the given data. The marginal cost of producing the sixth unit of output is: A) $24. B) $12. C) $16. D) $8.

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    Q : Depending LEAST interest rate Into the

    Into the long run, interest rates depend LEAST upon the: (1) premiums needed to induce savers to delay consumption. (2) premiums necessary to induce wealth holders to sacrifice liquidity. (3) productivity of new capital. (4) demands and supplies of lo

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