Price ceiling

If the government puts a rent ceiling of $650 a month, what is the rent paid and how many rooms are rented? Explain why?

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  • Q : Determine income in Loren curve When

    When one family held ALL the income it would be shown upon the Lorenz curve as: (1) line 0A0'. (2) line 0B0'. (3) line 0C0'. (4) line 0D0'. (5) line 0E0'.

    Q : Oligopolistic nature of industries The

    The oligopolistic nature of several industries is probably to be attributable to: (1) overly expansionary macroeconomic policies. (2) corporate instability. (3) economies of scale. (4) cooperative gaming. (5) unstable Nash equilibrium.

    Q : What is the meaning of ex-ante savings

    Meaning of ex-ante savings: Ex-ante savings are expected savings or planned savings.

  • Q : Product differentiation through

    Firms are not only trying to differentiate their products within the minds of consumers while: (1) main networks launch comparable programs to mimic successful “reality TV” shows. (2) beer advertisers feature wild parties in TV advertisements. (3) a deterg

  • Q : Elimination of featherbedding Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The labor union goals for members don’t usually comprise: (i) Higher wages. (ii) Better working conditions. (iii) Bigger fringe advantages. (iv) Elimination of feather-bedding.

  • Q : Demand curve at the current market price

    The demand curve faced through a purely competitive firm at the current market price of: (i) negatively sloped. (ii) horizontal. (iii) perfectly inelastic. (iv) rectangularly hyperbolic. (v) positively sloped.

    Q : Marginal cost Give the answer of

    Give the answer of following question. Refer to the given data. The marginal cost of producing the sixth unit of output is: A) $24. B) $12. C) $16. D) $8.

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    Q : Saving and the Supply by Interest Rate

    When the preference for current consumption over future consumption strengthens, in that case the: (w) interest rate rises. (x) interest rate falls. (y) present value of future income rises. (z) interest rate remains the same.


  • Q : Price taker in perfect competition

    State how is a single buyer a price taker in the perfect competition?

    Answer: A single buyer’s share in total market demand is too significant that the buyer

  • Q : Definition of monopsonist The

    The individual or firm which is the sole buyer of the specific good or resource is a/an: (i) Monopolist. (ii) Oligopolist. (iii) Monopsonist. (iv) Monopolistic competitor.

    Find out the right answer from the above options.

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