Price ceiling

If the government puts a rent ceiling of $650 a month, what is the rent paid and how many rooms are rented? Explain why?

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  • Q : Negatively transactions costs in

    The site value of the physical location of an enterprise tends to be very negatively associated to the: (w) transactions costs incurred by the firm’s customers and resource suppliers. (x) fertility of a parcel of land. (y) physical characteristi

  • Q : Thorstein Veblen-Biography Thorstein

    Thorstein Veblen is most particularly remembered for arguing that: (i) Consumer surplus is maximized by setting the marginal utility equivalent to price. (ii) National income [or NI] equivalents gross domestic product [or GDP] in circular flow model.

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    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Price hikes outcome less substitution away from a good the more: (i) Close substitutes there are for good. (ii) Various uses there are to which the good was place at lower price. (iii) Extende

  • Q : Purely competitive model for analyzing

    The purely competitive model: (w) is characteristic of many actual U.S. market structures. (x) analyzes a type of economy which is now extinct. (y) is a helpful abstraction from actuality for analyzing firms’ behavior. (z) proves which modern ca

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    An increase during the demand for loanable funds will be mirrored through: (1) an increase in the supply of bonds. (2) a decrease into the interest rate. (3) a lower subjective internal rate of discount through typical savers. (4) a reduction in the f

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    At a price of $50, the demand for DVD games is roughly: (w) perfectly elastic. (x) perfectly inelastic. (y) unitarily elastic. (z) relatively inelastic.

    Q : Linear demand curves and elasticity

    When price falls and quantity rises along a negatively-sloped linear demand curve: (1) total revenues fall till elasticity equals zero, then this rises. (2) demand is decreasingly price elastic. (3) there is a contrad

  • Q : Maximizes profit by producing at total

    When the wholesale price P = $4 per dozen roses, it purely competitive increased farm maximizes profit through producing ___ dozen roses at a total (profit /loss) of $___. (1) zero; loss; $2000. (2) 2000; loss; $1500. (3) 3000;profit;

  • Q : Enter or exit the market in

    A mix of heterogeneous goods and many potential buyers and sellers which are free to enter or exit the market within the long run are among essential conditions for an industry to be: (1) a monopoly. (2) purely competitive. (3) an oli

  • Q : Monopolist in the long run Within the

    Within the long run, here a monopolist: (w) will produce a positive economic profit. (x) will produce an economic profit of zero. (y) may incur an economic loss. (z) will produce an economic profit of zero or greater.

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