Price ceiling

If the government puts a rent ceiling of $650 a month, what is the rent paid and how many rooms are rented? Explain why?

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  • Q : Problem on buyers and sellers

    The supply and demand are affected by the time in sense that the longer the time interval considered, the: (1) Less sensitive sellers and buyers are to price changes. (2) Much sensitive sellers and buyers are to price changes. (3) Bigger is supply and

  • Q : Jollies gained-Production occurs I have

    I have a problem in economics on Jollies gained-Production occurs. Please help me in the following question. The jollies gained whenever production takes place do not comprise utilities of: (i) Form. (ii) Possession. (iii) Place. (iv) Substance. (v) T

  • Q : High poverty rate among not employed

    The high poverty rate in between those who do not work: (w) reflects voluntary choices for leisure over income and work. (x) is no cause for concern if it involves voluntary choice. (y) occurs since family responsibilities prevent many people from wor

  • Q : Shutdown level of output for a purely

    For a purely competitive firm the shutdown level of output arises where is: (w) total revenue barely covers total fixed costs. (x) market price just equals the minimum of its AVC curve. (y) total revenue equals total cost as (PQ = TFC + TVC). (z) pric

  • Q : Income effect of a wage Can someone

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. When the income effect of a wage raise is more powerful than the substitution effect, then the:  (1) Labor supply curve will be ‘backward bending’. (2) Unemployment rate will

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    The percentage of American families along with incomes persistently below the poverty line is around: (w) 1 2%. (x) 3 5%. (y) 5 7%. (z) 8 10%.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regardi

  • Q : Slope of ray by origin in price

    The slope of the ray by the origin which is tangent to point b equivalents to: (w) the reciprocal of the price elasticity of demand. (x) P / Q. (y) 0a / 0c. (z) the price elasticity of supply.

    Q : Monopsonistic exploitation of many

    NCAA rules the forbidding standard employment negotiations among colleges and amateur athletes tend to outcome in: (i) Monopsonistic exploitation of numerous athletes. (ii) Incentives for the collusion among individual college coaches and individual owners of the prof

  • Q : Average variable costs of pure

    Average variable costs per generic brick of this pure competitor equal approximately: (i) $.02 (2 cents per brick). (ii) $.04 (4 cents per brick). (iii) $.07 (7 cents per brick). (iv) $.09 (9 cents per brick).

  • Q : Compare average household income How

    How you compare the average household income of the different countries?

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