Price ceiling

If the government puts a rent ceiling of $650 a month, what is the rent paid and how many rooms are rented? Explain why?

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  • Q : Purely competitive industry in market

    Within a purely competitive industry: (w) firm faces a perfectly elastic demand for its product. (x) market demand is completely elastic. (y) individual firms set prices for their output. (z) supply curve is based on fixed costs.

    Q : Normal accounting profits in monopoly

    This monopoly makes Q units and experiences as: (1) economic profits equal to 0cbQ. (2) economic losses equal to cpab. (3) more than normal accounting profits. (4) marginal cost in excess of average total cost. (5) total revenue less than total cost.<

  • Q : Marginal revenue with price discriminate

    For any firm along with some degree of market power but that cannot price discriminate, the price is: (w) constant along the demand curve. (x) identical with marginal revenue. (y) greater than marginal revenue. (z) less than marginal revenue.

  • Q : Marginal revenue product-marginal

    When a monopolist maximizes the profit in a product market, it will: (w) Hire labor till the marginal revenue product equivalents marginal resource cost. (x) Hire labor till the value of marginal product equivalents marginal resource cost. (y) Pay a wage equivalent to

  • Q : Increase in demand for Normal Goods

    Zelda’s purchases of bigger and more cubic zirconium rings since she got a big pay raise are an illustration of a/an: (i) Raise in demand. (ii) Raise in quantity demanded. (iii) Raise in supply. (iv) Deterioration of the tastes.

    Q : Purchasing ratio maximizing the total

    The consumer who spends income and hence the ratio of MUs of all goods purchased equivalents the ratio of their prices is: (i) Maximizing net utility. (ii) Spending too much. (iii) Beyond the point of diminishing negative utility. (iv) Behaving incompatibly through pu

  • Q : Price elasticity of demand as

    As the Shmoo Recording Studio raised CD production from 3 million units to 5 million units, this was forced to discount CD prices down by $18 to $15. Then price elasticity of demand for Shmoo CDs is as: (w) 0.022. (x) 0.36. (y) 1.0. (z) 2.75.

  • Q : When are price variation tendencies

    Price variation tendencies are indeterminate while we know simply that: (1) super star salaries make this hard for team owners to meet rising demands for sporting events. (2) more people main in music although demands for musicians are falling. (3) oi

  • Q : Basic definition of Production I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Basic definition of Production. Please help me in the following question. Production is the process in which: (i) Technology and human knowledge are utilized to apply energy to convert materials to make them more preci

  • Q : Income in Lorenz curve of welfare When

    When you were unconcerned regarding the welfare of other people and your income placed you into the bottom five percent of the population, in that case you would be happiest when the Lorenz curve for your country resembled as: (1) line 0A0'. (2) line