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  • Q : Advantages of OS co-operating process

    Provide some of the advantages of OS co-operating process?

  • Q : Hamming code Specify the intention of

    Specify the intention of using the hamming code?

  • Q : Problem on electric power The sketch

    The sketch illustrates a common consumer product termed as Water Pik. This device uses a motor to drive a piston pump that produces a jet of water (diameter d = 3 mm, temperature T = 10 °C) with a speed of 25 m/s. Find out the minimum electric power in watts which is needed by the device.

  • Q : Illustrates the steps in embedded

    Illustrates the steps in embedded system design?

    Answer: In embedded system there is need of following term:

    Requirements, Speci

  • Q : Flip flops and latches concept

    Illustrate the fundamental difference between the Latches and Flip flops?

  • Q : What is SCON Define the term SCON?

    Define the term SCON?

  • Q : Find out reactance of values of

    Find out the reactance of the values of capacitor at the frequencies given below. Then find out the value of inductor in each case that will provide similar reactance as the capacitor as follows:.

    (a)  3.3 µF at 50Hz

  • Q : Find out the value and manufacturing

    Find out the value and manufacturing tolerance of resistors within the E12 series containing the colour codes printed upon then from left to right as given below:

  • Q : Differentiates synchronous and

    Illustrates the differences between synchronous and iso-synchronous communication?

  • Q : Calculate maximum length of cable when

    A simple transistor buffer is needed to drive a length coaxial cable containing a capacitance of 100pF per meter length. The whole steady-state power dissipation of the buffer should not exceed 250mW and the propagation delay of a pulse transmitted along the cable sho

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