discuss how polymorphism in the cnidarians might have influenced the adaptive radiation of the group

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  • Q : Advantages of Decentralization

    Advantages of Decentralization

    1. It eases the burden of chief executive: too much centralization puts the full weight of

  • Q : Importance of Communication -

    Communication is the lifeblood of business. Success of the communication system affects the success of business. The following points will prove its importance:

    Smooth working of a business firm: it is through communication that healthy and conductive environment is creat

  • Q : Working of contraceptive pills Explain

    Explain the working of the contraceptive pills?

  • Q : Bones in which bone marrow is mainly

    Name the bones in which bone marrow is mainly found? Is the bone marrow made up of osseous tissue?

  • Q : Description about Charles Darwin Give a

    Give a brief description about Charles Darwin?

  • Q : Define Biomass Biomass : Sources of

    Biomass: Sources of Biomass can take various forms and shapes. It can be solid in form as in agricultural wastes, waste wood  from forestry and industry, wastes from food and paper industries, green municipal solid waste (MSW), dedicated energy c

  • Q : Significant organic molecules for the

    What are the most significant organic molecules for the living beings?

  • Q : Describe Enterprise Systems Enterprise

    Enterprise Systems: These are software applications which have cross-organizational capabilities as divergent to department or group-specific programs. They permit for collaboration and communication across the organization via collection of data whic

  • Q : Describe Systems Development Systems

    Systems Development: The SDLC is a process of information system (abbreviated as IS) development. Different SDLC models have been made and can be implemented, comprising waterfall, rapid prototyping, spiral, incremental, fountain, build and fix, synch

  • Q : Description of sensory receptors Give a

    Give a brief description of the term sensory receptors?