Pile Foundations

Explain the concept of Pile Foundations. Explain in brief.




From the last so many years' engineers are using the concept of pile foundation. All this is done if it is seen that the soil is weak in structure and so cannot bear the load over it. Piles are used for carrying and then transferring of the loads. As we all know that during the earlier stages of life, life was developed near any river or lake so that people can fulfill their day-to-day needs and thus sustain their life in a healthy manner. But as the villages were near the river so the soil was damp and thus very weak to bear the load. This started the beginning of the use of piles. Those piles were mainly of timbers and placed sometime manually inside the ground. After the Industrial Revolution the methods of installing the piles were developed a bit. This led to the use of steam or diesel engines for placing the piles in the ground. As the time evolves there has been a rapid growth both in the type of piles and methods of installation of the piles.

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