Payments for Resources

Incorrect statements would contain the assertion which payments for: (a) The use of land is termed as land rent. (b) Labor is termed as wages. (c) Services are termed as profits. (d) Capital is termed as interest.

Hello guys I need your advice. Please suggest some views for following economics problems.

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  • Q : Economic goals of all economic activity

    Adam Smith believed about the ultimate suitable objective of all economic activity is to maximizing: (w) wealth and power of the national government. (x) satisfaction of individuals by giving people along with the goods they want. (y) employment oppor

  • Q : The closest illustration of a free good

    Which would be the closest illustration of a free good: (1) A can of tuna bought along with food stamps, (2) dead leaves which require raking into fall, (3) water through a drinking fountain at a park, (4) a sample of soap acquired in the mail and (5)

  • Q : Growth and Development-Production

    The production possibilities curve might be shifted outward by: (1) Decreasing unemployment. (2) Reducing the labor force. (3) Limiting the output of capital goods. (4) Raising the amounts or productivity of the resources.

    Q : Occurrence problem of Economic

    Economic inefficiency is most obviously a problem while: (i) Elmer hates Alpo but eats this so he can afford a cheap daily bottle of Gertrude's Hi Test Wine. (ii) Emma forgot to turn off the water and this runs down the street in a storm sewer six blo

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    A predictable result when a drought bankrupted several watermelon farmers would be as: (w) a decline into the price of watermelons. (x) increased demand since watermelons will be scarcer. (y) reduced supply, causing prices to increase. (z) decreased demand due to high

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    This market for clothing started on S0 and D0. Inside this market for clothing,: (w) demand has increased, possibly because of a raise in income. (x) new equilibrium price lies below the original equilibrium price. (y) supply may have transferred

  • Q : Determination of opportunity cost of

    The opportunity cost of any type of decision is measured through the: (w) market price of career and education opportunities. (x) value of the worst optional choice sacrificed. (y) market price of the resources used in production. (z) value of the best optional choice

  • Q : Entry-exit of competitive firms in long

    When a typical firm in a perfectly competitive industry is earning profits, in that case: w) all firms will carry on earning profits. x) new firms will enter into the long run causing market supply to reduce, market price to rise and

  • Q : Limitation of economic capital -

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of economic capital that is given below:

    Illustrations of economic capital do NOT include: (w) buildings. (x) tools. (y) machinery. (z) stocks and bonds.

    Q : Achieving economic welfare For any

    For any given point on the production possibilities (or PPF) curve: (i) More economic welfare is achieved than from any points within the PPF. (ii) Moving to some other output combination should yield enhanced economic welfare. (iii) More of some good can be generated

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