Official unemployement

Provide the solution of this question. To be officially unemployed a person must: A) be in the labor force. B) be 21 years of age or older. C) have just lost a job. D) be waiting to be called back from a layoff.

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    The high poverty rate in between those who do not work: (w) reflects voluntary choices for leisure over income and work. (x) is no cause for concern if it involves voluntary choice. (y) occurs since family responsibilities prevent many people from wor

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    Change in quantity demanded: When change in demand takes place due to price alone, it is termed as change in quantity demanded.

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    In adding up to price, the quantity of a good bought throughout a given period is recognized by: (1) Income. (2) Tastes and preferences. (3) Numbers of buyers in market. (4) Prices of associated goods. (e) All of above.

    Can someone

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