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  • Q : Define the term Critical section

    Critical section: It is a section of code in which there is potential for a race hazard. The critical sections made use of the synchronized statements or methods.

  • Q : Interface accessibility modifier Inside

    Inside the interface accessibility modifier we can use for methods?

  • Q : Explain VeriSoft VeriSoft (Godefroid,

    VeriSoft (Godefroid, 2005) is a model checker for C and C++; other languages can be used, but components in other languages are treated as black boxes. VeriSoft has been used to find defects in very large telecommunications programs (Chandra, Godefroi

  • Q : Explain Interpreter Interpreter : A

    Interpreter: A program that executes a translated version of the source program by implementing a virtual machine. The interpreters usually simulate the actions of an idealized Central Processing Unit. An interpreter for Java should implement the Java

  • Q : State machine to identify three

    Explain a finite state machine which will detect three consecutive coins tosses of one coin which results in heads?

  • Q : Different compatibility types when

    What are the different compatibility types when creating a COM COMPONENT?

  • Q : Long lock in the tibco iProcess

    Describe the term Long lock in the tibco iProcess in brief.

  • Q : What is MIME MIME : Multipurpose

    MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (abbreviated as MIME) are rules which make it possible to utilize electronic mail to send content other than the simple text.

  • Q : What is Bandera Bandera: The main goal

    Bandera: The main goal of Bandera project is to integrate existing programming language processing methods with newly developed methods to provide automated support for the extraction of safe, compact, finite-state models which are suitable for verifi

  • Q : Reducing state space of code What is

    What is the way to reduce the state space of the code during model checking?

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