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  • Q : Explain the important thing to HTML

    Explain the important thing to HTML document authors.

  • Q : State De Morgans Theorem De Morgan's

    De Morgan's Theorem: The two rules which can help to simplify Boolean expressions comprising multiple logical-not operators in combination with the other Boolean operators.

  • Q : What is High level programming language

    High level programming language: Languages like Ada, Java, C++, and so on which give programmers with features like control structures, classes, methods, packages, and so forth. Such features are mostly independent of any specific instruction set, and

  • Q : What is an Integer What is an Integer :

    What is an Integer: It is a negative or positive whole number. The primitive types are: short, byte, int and long are utilized to hold integer values in narrower or broader ranges.

  • Q : Explain the relationship between XHTML

    Explain the relationship between XHTML and the Web?

  • Q : What is Discrete simulation Discrete

    Discrete simulation: In a discrete simulation, the time passes at an irregular rate which is determined by the primary events of interest in simulation.

  • Q : What is Append mode Append mode : It is

    Append mode: It is a file writing mode, in which the existing contents of a file are maintained whenever the file is opened. Novel contents are appended to the existing.

  • Q : Explain Java PathFinder Java

    Java PathFinder: Java PathFinder (JPF) is a model checker that has been developed as a verification and testing environment for Java programs (Figure shown below). It is available as open source at (JPF website). It consists of a custo

  • Q : Data type conversion Data type

    Data type conversion: Conversion of one data type into the other data type. Two kind of conversion that is,

    A) Implicit Conversion: This is automatically taken care

  • Q : State the term DOM and how does this

    State the term DOM and how does this relate to XML?

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