Examples in Threading in Java

I need urgent help in Examples of Threading in Java

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  • Q : Define Well-known port Well-known port

    Well-known port: It is a port number at which a server provides a familiar service. For example, 80 is well-known port number for the servers employing the HyperText Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as HTTP).

  • Q : Active Server Pages Briefly describe

    Briefly describe how Active Server Pages work. How, when, and where they are used.

  • Q : Explain Method overriding Method

    Method overriding: It is a method stated in a super class might be overridden by a method of similar name stated in a sub class. The two methods should have similar name and number and types of formal arguments. Any checked exception thrown by sub-cla

  • Q : Task decomposition and Data

    Discuss the idea of task decomposition and data decomposition within the perspective of parallel programming.

  • Q : What is Server Server : Something which

    Server: Something which gives a service. The Web server delivers resources to its clients, for example. Whenever the server is an object, this is the recipient of messages from its object clients.

  • Q : Define Double buffering Double

    Double buffering: A graphics method employed to smooth animation. The later version of an image is drawn `at the back the scenes' and then exhibited in its totality whenever the drawing is finished. The supposition is that it will be relatively fast t

  • Q : Attatching CSS to HTML documents

    Explain the different ways in order to attach the CSS to HTML Documents?

  • Q : Define Inner class Inner class : A

    Inner class: A class defined within an enclosing method or class. We use the word to refer to non-static nested classes.

  • Q : Business Process Management Describe

    Describe what is Business Process Management (or BPM) in brief.

  • Q : What is Static method Static method :

    Static method: The static method (also termed as a class method) is one with static reserved word in its header. The static methods vary from all other methods in that they are not related with any specific instance of the class to which they fit in.

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