MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service

Explain what do you meant by the MMS or the Multimedia Messaging Service?




Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS refers to a new standard in the mobile messaging. Just like the SMS or Short Messaging Service, MMS refers to a way in order to transmit a message from one mobile to the other. The difference includes that MMS may include not just the text, but also the images, sound and video. It is also possible to transmit the MMS messages from a mobile phone to the email address.

Formats which can be embedded with the MMS include the following things:

a) Text (formatted with fonts, colours, etc).

b) Images (JPEG, GIF format).

c) Audio (MP3, MIDI).

d) Video (MPEG).

Images would not be downloaded from the WAP sites, selected from a menu in the phone, or could even be the photos taken utilizing a built-in camera if phone has one (for example the Sony Ericsson T300, Nokia 7650, and so on).

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