Question #2 Consumer Demand. How to answer questions from a-g iii. I belive the MRS is 2y/x for B. But not sure

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  • Q : What is Marginal physical product

    Marginal physical product: It refers to the addition build to the total product.

  • Q : Production function Describe three

    Describe three properties of a variable proportions production function that make sure that it allow profit maximization and cost minimization.

  • Q : Company Unions-tools for managers Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Unions which act primarily as the tools for managers of a firm are termed as: (1) Managerial unions. (2) Company unions. (3) Wildcat unions. (4) Union-busters.

  • Q : Increase in Income Tax Progressivity

    When this figure demonstrated Lorenz curves for distribution of income after taxes and transfers, in that case it is UNTRUE of the Lorenz curves demonstrated in this demonstrated figure that: (1) line 0E0' represents a Lorenz curve of

  • Q : Market hypotheses Efficient market

    Efficient market hypotheses:

    a) Weak-form efficient market hypothesis: It assumes that current stock prices reflect all security market information including the historical sequence of prices, rates of return, trad

  • Q : Rate of Return on Interest Rate When

    When the rate of return onto an asset exceeds the interest rate: (1) its present value exceeds its price. (2) the market is moving away by equilibrium. (3) you should sell the asset as rapidly as possible. (4) economic rent is being r

  • Q : Maximum consumer surplus A

    A characteristic Hollywood star derives the maximum consumer surplus from: (i) Calvin Klein underwear. (ii) Water. (iii) Mercedes Benz 600SEs. (iv) DeBeers diamonds. (v) Publicity in "The National Enquirer."

    Can so

  • Q : Problem regarding Collective Bargaining

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question.

    The union strategy which probably outcomes the maximum wages for both the union members and other workers over long run is: (1) Limiting ent

  • Q : Monopolistic competitor in market When

    When this monopolistic competitor makes Q units: (1) P > MC. (2) MR = MC. (3) total revenue total cost is maximized. (4) MSB > MSC. (5) All of the above.

    Q : Competition-Welfare Social problem The

    The purely competitive firm in the output market which hires from a purely competitive labor market will employ the labor at the point where VMP = W as the firm: (p) Operates in society's best interest. (q) Wants to be quite fair to workers. (r) Is egalitarian institu

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