Question #2 Consumer Demand. How to answer questions from a-g iii. I belive the MRS is 2y/x for B. But not sure

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  • Q : Average revenue and marginal revenue

    In spite of of the amount sold, price equals for a price-taker firm on both average: (i) revenue and marginal revenue. (ii) variable cost and marginal cost. (iii) fixed cost and average variable cost. (iv) total cost and marginal revenue.

  • Q : Downward slope of consumer demand curves

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The downward slope of the consumer demand curves for normal goods is partly described by: (i) Income effects. (ii) Diminishing marginal utility. (iii) Substitution effects. (iv)

  • Q : Goal of the War on Poverty Enhancing

    Enhancing the conditions of the poor was a main goal of the War on Poverty which was launched under President: (1) Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (2) Lyndon Johnson. (3) Richard Nixon. (4) Jimmy Carter. (5) Ronald Reagan.

    Q : Short run in Substitution process In

    In the short run, simple and cheap new cures for cancer and heart disease would most likely decrease the: (i) Gains of tobacco companies. (ii) Absentee rates of nearly all young workers. (iii) Demands for the hospital beds in intensive care units. (iv) Supplies of doc

  • Q : Predictable Flows of Income Vigorous

    Vigorous competition for predictable flows of income recommends that federal agricultural subsidies will tend to be rapidly: (1) spent because most farmers lack sufficient budgeting skills. (2) capitalized within higher prices for farm land. (3) slash

  • Q : Percentage changes in quantity supplied

    The price elasticity of supply can be very approximately computed as the percentage change within: (w) responsiveness of price to variations within the quantity supplied. (x) quantity divided through the intercept coefficient of the supply curve. (y)

  • Q : Demand of various vegetable why demand

    why demand change of onion in during one week due to change in it's price

  • Q : Annual economic profit of production

    When point e corresponds to $18 per copy for St. Valentine’s Day software, so Prohibition Corporation can produce annual economic profit of at most just about: (i) $100 million. (ii) $140 million. (iii) $200 million. (iv) $300 million. (v) $400

  • Q : Marginal revenue for the pure monopolist

    Give the answer of following question. Price exceeds marginal revenue for the pure monopolist because the: A) law of diminishing returns is inapplicable. B) demand curve is downsloping. C) monopolist produces a smaller output than would a purely competitive firm. D) d

  • Q : Demands possibly the least income

    Demands are possibly the least income elastic for very poor Americans for: (i) automobile services. (ii) Big Macs. (iii) lard. (iv) housing. (v) health care.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper expla

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