Question #2 Consumer Demand. How to answer questions from a-g iii. I belive the MRS is 2y/x for B. But not sure

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  • Q : Short run operation and long run

    When Presidio, Hybrid Roses and Texas boomed learned which its rent and utilities had soared upward by $9 per hour hence a new five-year lease would now cost $60 per hour, therefore this monopolist will: (w) continue to realize positive economic profi

  • Q : Workers preference of leisure The

    The backward bending supply curve for the labor takes place when: (1) Firms want to hire only some quantity of labor. (2) There is a change in elasticity of the resource supply. (3) Workers prefer leisure over added income over some wage. (4) Minimum wage legislation

  • Q : Isoquants and isocost lines By using

    By using isoquants and isocost lines, illustrates graphically that rise in y will result in a decline in the quantity demanded of x1 and also illustrates that rise in the price of x1 will result in a reduction in the quantity demanded of x1<

  • Q : Variable costs in short run A monopoly

    A monopoly tends to shut down within the short-run when: (i) price is less than the minimum of average total costs [ATC]. (ii) price cannot cover all overhead costs. (iii) variable costs are not covered. (iv) total costs exceed total revenues. (v) the

  • Q : Differentiate project feasibility study

    Differentiate between project feasibility study and project proposal?

  • Q : Surveyors problem Surveyors sometimes

    Surveyors sometimes cannot arrange a probabilistic sample and instead rely on a variety of non-probabilistic techniques, each which poses potential problems.

    Surveyors could: target a quota of a certain type of res

  • Q : Trends in Poverty Into the United

    Into the United States during 2000 and 2005, the: (w) number of families below the poverty line declined. (x) distribution of after-tax income became significantly more equal. (y) percentage of families below the poverty line grew. (z) share of wealth possessed by the

  • Q : Determine water elasticity of production

    When 200,000 gallons of water are applied per acre, 4 tons are harvested by each acre of linguini trees yearly, but cutting back to 160,000 gallons causes the crop per acre to reduce to 2 tons yearly. Then water elasticity of linguini production is as

  • Q : Features of monopolistic competition

    Why Features of monopolistic competition is monopolist in nature?


    (a) Control over price
    (b) Downward sloping demand curve

  • Q : Market supplies of labor withinin long

    During the long run, the labor supply curve facing a main industry: (w) will always be positively associated to the wage rate. (x) will slope upward only when individual labor supply curves slope upward. (y) can be backward bending at very high wage r

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