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  • Q : Differentiation between smallpox and

    Write down the differentiation between smallpox (variola) and measles?

  • Q : What do you mean by myeloma protein

    What do you mean by myeloma protein?

    Answer: This is a monoclonal immunoglobulin generated from a myeloma cell.   

  • Q : Explanation of biotic factors Give a

    Give a brief explanation of biotic factors.

  • Q : Role of DNA and RNA in replication What

    What is role of DNA and RNA in replication ? Explain

  • Q : Define Emerging Business Venture

    Emerging Business Venture: It is a business venture is a start-up enterprise which is formed with the expectation and plan that a financial profit will outcome. Most refer to a business venture as a small business, as it normally starts out with an id

  • Q : Elements forming middle ear State the

    State the elements which form the middle ear? Write down names of three middle ear ossicles which participate within the phonosensitivity?

  • Q : Hypothesis-vertebrates evolved from

    Suppose a scientist is testing the hypothesis which vertebrates evolved from echinoderms. Having a research object a lately found protochordate species, what is an illustration of a discovery which would weaken the hypothesis? What is an illustration

  • Q : Function of vitellus Specify the

    Specify the function of vitellus within the vertebrate egg? Classify these eggs in accordance with the amount of vitellus within them?

  • Q : What is Marketing Strategy Marketing

    Marketing Strategy: During the initial stages of assessing the opportunities for us in this business of supply of packed lunch boxes, we had only a sketch idea of our marketing strategy. Now that we have decided to enter the business, we want to put a

  • Q : What is Rapid Application Development

    Rapid Application Development (RAD): It is a suite of software development methodology methods employed to expedite software application development.

    The RAD uses predefined prototyping methods and tools to generat