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  • Q : EPABX system How can we utilize EPABX

    How can we utilize EPABX system? Define User Manual?

  • Q : Liberation of female gamete from

    Specify the hormones which promote the liberation of female gamete from follicle and at which day of the menstrual cycle does this mechanism take place? What is this event termed as?

  • Q : Primitive anaerobic eukaryotic cells

    How can the hypothesis which asserts that chloroplasts and also mitochondria were primitive prokaryotes which related in mutualism with primitive anaerobic eukaryotic cells be confirmed?

  • Q : Preventive measures of typhoid Write

    Write some of the preventive measures of typhoid?

  • Q : Classification of animals-digestive

    How are animals classified according to their kind of digestive process?

  • Q : Protection of female gametes from male

    Explain, how the male gametes go through the egg cell? How the female gametes guard itself from entry of more gametes after the first sperm cell?

  • Q : Explanation of cytoskeleton Give a

    Give a brief explanation of cytoskeleton. And also write down its main constituents that are in animal cells?

  • Q : Describe pollination-forms of

    Describe briefly the term pollination? And also write down the main forms of the pollination?

  • Q : Alderfers ERG Theory - Motivation -

    The most popular extension and refinement of Maslow's theory of needs is the one proposed by alderfer (1972). While Maslow's model was not developed specifically for work organizations, alderfer's theory attempted to establish a conceptualization of human needs that are relevant to organizational

  • Q : Individual marketing plan approval

    Prepare a brief (2-3 paragraphs) description of the product (existing or new) which will be the focus of the individual marketing plan assignment. The write-up is to include at minimum, the company name, description of the product, a brief strategic mission statement