Method of Piles in construction

Briefly explain the various method of Piles in construction?




In a number of constructions, the method of piles is used in order to lay a deep foundation over soil. This method is generally better known as Pilling. In this method a pile is generally placed into the soil below the ground level.

The main concept behind all this is just to transfer the load of the building to the ground. For this the soil is given so much strength that after pilling the ground will become able to support the load of the building.

For this there can be a number of piles used. Some of the commonly used are:

1. Sheet pile.
2. Timber pile.
3. Concrete pile.
4. Bored pile.
5. Steel pile.

Apart from all the above piles, due to increase in the development of the technology and construction methods, there are some new piles also available in the market. While choosing an appropriate pile type one has to take care some important tips like type of pilling machine, method of driving, pilling procedure etc.

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