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  • Q : Problem on free trade equilibrium The

    The domestic demand curve for portable radios is provided by Qd = 5000 − 100P, here Qd is the number of radios which would be purchased whenever the price is P. The domestic supply curve for radios is provided by Qs = 150P, where Qs

  • Q : Characteristics of a purely competitive

    NOT between characteristics of a purely competitive industry would be as: (w) large numbers of potential buyers and sellers. (x) long-run freedom of entry and exit. (y) modern technology that dictates large firms. (z) buyers have no influence on price

  • Q : Quantity demanded vary inversely I have

    I have a problem in economics on Quantity demanded vary inversely. Please help me in the following question. The law of demand defines that price and: (1) Quantity demanded differ directly. (2) Quantity demanded differs inversely. (3) Demand differs d

  • Q : Problem regarding marginal factor cost

    In equilibrium for any of profit-maximizing firm, marginal revenue product of the labor: (i) Is equivalent to the change in net revenue related with selling an extra unit of output. (ii) Surpasses the wage rate by maximum possible. (iii) Equivalents marginal factor co

  • Q : Short run operations of a

    This figure in below is demonstrates the operations of a profit-maximizing pure competitor into the: (1) market period. (2) short run. (3) long run. (4) super long run since this can alter technology. (5) shutdown range of production.

    Q : Relatively price inelasticity of demand

    When cuts into the price of cowboy hats drive down total revenues to hat makers, in that case demand: (1) relatively price elastic. (2) relatively price inelastic. (3) unitarily price elastic. (4) infinitely price elastic. (5) zero pr

  • Q : Synonym for the economists term utility

    I have a problem in economics on Synonym for the economist’s term utility. Please help me in the following question. The reasonably close by synonym for the economist’s term utility is: (1) Consumption. (2) Marginalism. (3) Discontentment. (4) Satisfaction

  • Q : Deter entry from potential competitors

    A firm along with important market power which builds an additional plant to increase excess capacity may be trying to as: (w) ignore a depletion of inventory. (x) deter entry from potential competitors. (y) increase demand and thus raise price and pr

  • Q : Successful strategy of product

    A successful strategy of product differentiation causes: (w) the demand curve to shrink and become more elastic. (x) the demand curve becomes perfectly elastic. (y) prices for close substitutes to equalize. (z) the marginal revenue curve to be below t

  • Q : Change in relative price I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Change in relative price. Please help me in the following question. The Substitution takes place all along a demand curve when there is a: (1) Rapid shortage of a required product. (2) Increase in the common price level. (3) Change in

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