managerial economics and good business

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  • Q : Profit-maximizing firm-perfectly

    The profit-maximizing firm which is perfectly competitive in resource market however that consists of market power in output market will hire labor at the point where: (1) VMP=MRP=MFC>w. (2) VMP>MRP=MFC=w. (3) VMP = MRP = MFC = w. (4) VMP>MRP

  • Q : Price elasticity for quantities and

    Suppose that all these curves are infinitely long straight lines. There supply curve which is relatively (although not perfectly) price elastic for all quantities and prices is: (1) supply curve S1. (2) supply curve S2. (3) suppl

  • Q : Interest rates of business investors in

    The interest rates business investors into economic capital should pay on a loan: (w) reflect the opportunity costs to society of funding one investment in place of another. (x) are relatively trivial investment costs by investors&rsq

  • Q : Freedom of entry in monopolistically

    Along with freedom of entry in a monopolistically competitive market, in long run equilibrium is reached along with firms: (w) earning zero economic profit. (x) producing where price equals marginal cost. (y) producing their most efficient output. (z)

  • Q : The perfect price discrimination

    Suppose a monopolist has zero marginal cost and faces the following demand curve

    D(p) = 10 - 2p

    (a) Graph the demand curve, the marginal revenue curve, and the rm's margin

  • Q : Competition in the long run Economic

    Economic profits produce competitive pressures which raise the industries: (w) price for output. (x) output and number of firms. (y) exit rate for established firms. (z) monopoly power in its largest firms.

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  • Q : Arbitrager-individual or organization

    The arbitrager is an organization or individual that will: (1) Simultaneously purchase low and sell high in various markets. (2) Create disparities among prices in various markets. (3) Resolve disputes among sellers and consumers. (4) Purchase low and

  • Q : Asymmetric Information on quality The

    The Asymmetric information on quality can outcome in: (i) Not all potential profits from the exchange being realized. (ii) Lower equilibrium prices. (iii) Purchases of unexpectedly low-quality items termed as ‘lemons’. (iv) Some transactio

  • Q : Persistence of Economic profits in long

    I have a problem in economics on Persistence of Economic profits in long run. Please help me in the following question. Economic profits will continue in long run only when: (i) There are barriers to the entry and exit. (ii) Markets are much competitive. (iii) There a

  • Q : Problem on law of demand Let think

    Let think about the law of demand. The idea that a big price for a normal good will outcome in less of the good being bought never based logically on the: (i) Income effect. (ii) Demand for the good falling since of the higher price. (iii) Law of redu