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  • Q : Generates price-quantity consistent for

    All prospective demanders [buyers] would be within equilibrium when this market for teleporter buttons created a price and a quantity consistent along with: (1) eliminating the shortage Q1-Q3 existing at P3<

  • Q : Sharing the characteristics of purely

    Purely competitive markets share the feature of: (i) collusive behavior among of large firms. (ii) freedom of entry and exit in the long run. (iii) extensive negotiations about prices in between buyers and sellers. (iv) widespread product differentiat

  • Q : Question based on type of economy An

    An industry comprised of a small number of firms, each of which considers the potential reactions of its rivals in making price-output decisions is called: A) monopolistic competition.  B) oligopoly.  C) pure monopoly.  D) pure competition.

  • Q : Long run problem In long run , the

    In long run, the actions of successful speculators tend to rise: (i) Gains and raise consumer’s costs. (ii) Output and decrease the volatility of prices. (iii) Corruption and Bribery in government. (iv) The volatility of both prices and outputs.

  • Q : Follow Lower Bond Price Lower bond

    Lower bond prices follow through higher: (w) interest rates. (x) real estate speculation. (y) present value of future income by the bonds. (z) growth rates of national income.

    Please choose the right answer from ab

  • Q : MOST Negative Liquidity An asset's

    An asset's liquidity is, by description, MOST negatively associated to the: (1) asset's suitability as a commodity money. (2) transaction costs incurred in its purchase or sale. (3) speed with which that can be sold. (4) certainty about its market pri

  • Q : Problem on economic profits A perfectly

    A perfectly competitive market contain 60 firms, each along with a total cost function of TC = 10y2 + 80 and a marginal cost function of MC = 20y. The market demand function is ymd = 600 - 7py.
    a. If the market price is $80.00, how much wi

  • Q : Development and Distribution of Income

    Compared to other relatively prosperous developed nations, the United States: (w) has greater inequality in the distribution of its wealth and national income. (x) enjoys the lowest cost medical care and the best average public health. (y) has been the most aggressive

  • Q : Define Marginal rate of transformation

    Marginal rate of transformation: This is the amount of one good which should be given to generate one additional unit of a second good. This is also termed as marginal opportunity cost.

  • Q : Monopsony Power and the Demand for Labor

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The labor monopsonist will hire labor up to a point where marginal: (1) Revenue product of the labor equivalents the wage. (2) Resource cost of labor equivalents the wage. (3) Revenue product

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