managerial economics and good business

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  • Q : Pure monopoly firm operates in purely

    In spite of of whether a firm is a pure monopoly or operates within a purely competitive industry as: (i) this should expect total revenue to cover total variable costs or this will not operate. (ii) the demand curve this faces will be horizontal in t

  • Q : Problem on Industrial Unions I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Problem on Industrial Unions. Please help me in the following question. The United Auto Workers (or UAW) is an illustration of a(n): (1) Mechanical union. (2) Company union. (3) Craft union. (4) Industrial union.

  • Q : Normal accounting profits in monopoly

    This monopoly makes Q units and experiences as: (1) economic profits equal to 0cbQ. (2) economic losses equal to cpab. (3) more than normal accounting profits. (4) marginal cost in excess of average total cost. (5) total revenue less than total cost.<

  • Q : Problem regarding to tax wedges in

    In equilibrium, a tax upon a good tends to because of the: (1) supply to exceed the demand. (2) quantity supplied to exceed the quantity demanded. (3) demand prices of consumers to exceed the supply prices of sellers. (4) competitive

  • Q : Properties of indifference curves

    Properties of indifference curves: The 3 properties of indifference curves are as shown below:

    A) Slopes downward from left to right: To consume more of onegood the consumer should give up li

  • Q : Labor Unions-supply of workers The

    The methods unions use to raise the wages of their members do not comprise: (1) Rising the demand for the union labor. (2) Establishing higher salaries and allotting work to members. (3) Facilitating the management plans to raise productivity. (4) Raising the supply o

  • Q : Demand of a competitive firm The

    The competitive firm will demand more labor when: (i) Technological advances support automation. (ii) The price of firm's output increases. (iii) More firms enter in the industry. (iv) The value of marginal product is beneath the wage rate. (v) Worker

  • Q : Hike in relative price of a good I have

    I have a problem in economics on Hike in relative price of a good. Please help me in the following question. The hike in relative price of a good will quickly increase the: (i) Quantity demanded. (ii) Market supply. (iii) Rate of inflation. (iv) Quant

  • Q : Unitarily price elastic of demand At a

    At a price for $25, the demand for DVD games is around: (w) perfectly elastic. (x) perfectly inelastic. (y) unitarily elastic. (z) positively associated to supply.

    Q : Regulatory barrier to entry Billy

    Billy recently invented and in that case patented a motorized flying skateboard which transports people to and from their destinations in less than half the time this would take to ride or drive a bus. Billy is protected from competition from a: (1) regulatory barrier

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