managerial economics and good business

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  • Q : Problem on Vertical Integration Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. When an aluminum producer as well mined bauxite ore (employed in aluminum production) and manufactured beer cans, it will be: (i) The diagonal partnership. (ii) Vertically integ

  • Q : Economic what is the Production

    what is the Production possibility frontier

  • Q : Needs Standard for Income Distribution

    The needs standard for income distribution would certainly involve: (w) difficulty in the measurement of productivity. (x) an enormous bureaucracy. (y) greater incentives for production than the contribution standard. (z) economic ef

  • Q : Risk and Uncertainty of Probability

    If estimating the nature of a probability function for an event entails considerable guesswork since experience along with the event is more sporadic or rare which any estimates are extremely speculative, in that case we confront a concept Fra

  • Q : Monopsonistic firms-Pay lower wages I

    I have a problem in economics on Monopsonistic firms-Pay lower wages. Please help me in the following question. Relative to the firms hiring in a competitive labor market, the monopsonistic firms tend to: (1) Hire more workers. (2) Hire labor up to a

  • Q : State excess demand or inflationary gap

    State excess demand or inflationary gap: Excess demand takes place whenever AD is bigger than AS at the level of full employment equilibrium.

  • Q : Illustration of Substitution Effect

    Sally is very rich that money hardly matters to her, although when the price of JIF chunky peanut butter doubled Sally switched to Peter Pan chunky peanut butter. This alters is an example of the: (1) Income effect. (2) Payback effect. (3) Substitution effect. (4) Pri

  • Q : Problem on Analysis Paralysis Consumers

    Consumers confronting huge arrays of choices whenever they contemplate choosing one brand of toothpaste out of 50, or whether to purchase pulp-free, not-from-concentrate orange juice, calcium-fortified, or the extra-pulp, non-calcified, from-concentrate version, frequ

  • Q : Competitive Prices for selling This

    This purely-competitive producer’s generic bricks presently sell for: (i) $60 per thousand. (ii) $70 per thousand. (iii) $80 per thousand. (iv) $90 per thousand. (v) $100 per thousand.

    Q : Characterization of markets Each and

    Each and every market is characterized by: (i) Widespread advertising, marketing, and sales promotions. (ii) Demands from each and every individual for all products. (iii) Potential buyers ready to pay and potential sellers ready to supply. (iv) Government licenses pr

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