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  • Q : Effects of average production costs on

    The economies of scale exist whenever average production costs: (1) Increase as the level of output increases. (2) Drop as the level of output increases. (3) Stay similar as the level of output increases. (4) Drop as the level of output drops.

    Q : Find linear demand curve by quantity

    Along this illustrated linear demand curve, there is: (1) inelastic portion is range a. (2) elastic portion is range b. (3) midpoint is unitarily price elastic. (4) elasticity is constant in each and every ranges. (5) midpoint elasticity becomes infin

  • Q : Ratio of percentage changes in quantity

    The ratio of the percentage change within the quantity of beef sold over the percentage change within the price of pork is: (1) price elasticity of demand for beef. (2) price elasticity of demand for pork. (3) income elasticity of dem

  • Q : Illustrate ready-to-eat cereal industry

    Brands of ready-to-eat cereal by Kellogg, Post, General Mills and Quaker [for example Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran and Cheerios] account for more 85 percent of all breakfast cereals sold. Here the ready-to-eat cereal industry is an illustration of: (w)

  • Q : Upward-sloping in Law of Supply The law

    The law of supply is graphically exhibited by the supply curve which is: (1) Moving all along the demand curve. (2) Vertical. (3) Upward-sloping. (4) Downward-sloping.

    Can someone please help me in finding out the

  • Q : Question based on type of economy An

    An industry comprised of a small number of firms, each of which considers the potential reactions of its rivals in making price-output decisions is called: A) monopolistic competition.  B) oligopoly.  C) pure monopoly.  D) pure competition.

  • Q : Low marginal tax with basic income In a

    In a negative income tax system, where a combining fundamental income floor with low marginal tax rates gives in: (w) reduced incentives for “voluntary poverty.” (x) higher minimal standards of living for the poor. (y) an

  • Q : Intending negative income tax The

    The negative income tax suggestions: (w) are intended to simplify federal income taxes. (x) require the poor to pay taxes regardless of their incomes. (y) call for higher income taxes on transfer payments. (z) are attempts to balance the goals of equi

  • Q : Corporations stockholders not liable

    The corporation’s stockholders are not personally liable for the debts of firm since: (1) The Corporation is considered as a legal person, separate from its owner. (2) Usually there are too many stockholders to try to hold them all accountable. (3) In a corporat

  • Q : Market price in the Law of Equal

    The marginal utility [that is, additional jollies derived from the final unit consumed] of each and every of the specific goods you purchase regularly is probably most intimately correlated with each and every good’s: (1) Consumer surplus. (2) Market price. (3)

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