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  • Q : Zero economic profit in long run When

    When the best a monopolist can do to produce an economic profit of zero, this will: (w) shut down in the long run. (x) shut down in the short run. (y) remain in operation in the long run. (z) raise its price to raise profit.

    Q : World price in market When for wheat

    When for wheat the world price is $10 per bushel, and Del, who one owns the biggest wheat farm into North Dakota, will work at: (i) point a. (ii) point b. (iii) point c. (iv) point d. (v) point f.

    Q : The Debate about Welfare Programs

    Debate over U.S. welfare programs doesn’t focus onto: (w) choices in amounts and types of subsidies for health care. (x) repealing the negative income tax. (y) impacts on efficiency and incentives. (z) social conflicts over redistribution of inc

  • Q : What Determinants of Supply include

    Determinants of supply do not comprise: (1) Government regulations. (2) Technology. (3) Resource prices. (4) Prices for other producible goods. (5) Tastes and preferences.

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answ

  • Q : Problem on demand curve shifting right

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Soybean farming is very much competitive, and United States is the major producer. The soybean mold carried on kangaroo rat fur devastates this year’s crop. This blight is eventually lea

  • Q : Illustration of Cartels The

    The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is an illustration of: (w) a monopoly. (x) monopolistic competition. (y) a cartel. (z) decentralized communism.

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution about problem o

  • Q : Features of monopolistic competition

    Why Features of monopolistic competition is monopolist in nature?


    (a) Control over price
    (b) Downward sloping demand curve

  • Q : Perspective of Society with Economic

    By the perspective of society as an entire, in that case land resources are: (w) variable in supply. (x) perfectly elastically supplied. (y) the closest of all resources to generators of pure economic rents. (z) increased through cultivating previousl

  • Q : What are the Components of capital

    Components of capital account:

    (i) Foreign investment
    (ii) Foreign loans
    (iii) Banking capital and other capital
    (iv) Monetary movements.

  • Q : Break-even levels of output for a firm

    Break-even levels of output for a firm happen where is: (w) total revenue equals total economic cost. (x) accounting profits are zero. (y) total variable cost equals total fixed costs. (z) competitive firms will shut down within the short run.

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