managerial economics and good business

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  • Q : Marginalism and Optimization Most of

    Most of the microeconomic models hinge on suppositions that all choices by each and every individual imitate attempts to: (1) Conform to social mores and cultural norms. (2) Propagate the individual’s gene pool into the future generations. (3) B

  • Q : Arc elasticity of demand The arc

    The arc elasticity of demand of Bosun for labor in between point f and point g is approximately: (1) one. (2) 1.250. (3) 1.375. (4) 1.500. (5) 1.750.

    Q : Malthusian theory on population What do

    What do you mean by the Malthusian theory on population?

  • Q : Transfer payments and progressive tax

    Transfer payments and progressive tax policies are being determinate to: (w) reduce disparities in the distributions of income and wealth. (x) shift the Lorenz curve toward a position of less income equality. (y) have no net effect on income equality

  • Q : Decreasing marginal returns and

    What is the difference between decreasing marginal returns and negative marginal returns?

  • Q : Indication by data on poverty Data on

    Data on poverty into the United States indicate which: (w) in absolute numbers, additionally blacks are below the poverty line than whites. (x) in absolute numbers, more whites are below the poverty line than blacks. (y) the poverty rate is lower for

  • Q : Labor Supply Curves to the Competitive

    The price taker in labor market: (1) Can set the salary that it will pay for the labor it hires. (2) Can set the salary at which it supplies the use of its labor. (3) Doesn’t care what salary it pays or obtains. (4) Can’t influence the wage recognized by t

  • Q : Reform National Welfare Before the

    Before the national welfare reform of 1996s, where Aid to Families with Dependent Children [AFDC]: (w) was the principal government program intended to alleviate poverty. (x) was exempt from any form of taxation. (y) generated pressur

  • Q : Effect on price Demand and supply of

    When we only know that the demand and the supply of a resource or good both have increased, we would decide that the resulting change within its price will be: (w) positive. (x) negative. (y) zero. (z) indeterminate.<

  • Q : Output level on marginal revenue and

    When the firm produced at output level q2, this produced where: (w) MR = MC. (x) MR > MC. (y) MR < MC. (z) P < MC.

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