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  • Q : Explain about price-taker The purely

    The purely competitive firm: (w) is a price-taker. (x) confronts an inelastic demand curve. (y) should decide what price to charge. (z) maximizes total revenue.

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  • Q : Present value of bond paying on

    At an interest rate of 5 percent per year the present value of a bond paying $100 yearly forever is: (a) infinite. (b) $500. (c) $909.10. (d) $2000.

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  • Q : Hypothetical demands for perfect price

    In this figure demonstrating hypothetical demands for socket sets, there demand curve: (1) D1D1 is perfectly price-inelastic. (2) D2D2 is perfectly price elastic. (3) D3D3

  • Q : What is fiscal deficit Fiscal deficit :

    Fiscal deficit: When the total government expenses are more than total government receipts exclusive of borrowing it is termed as fiscal deficit.

    Fiscal deficit = Total Government Expenditure – Tot

  • Q : Total demand for money How do you

    How do you determine the total demand for money. In a graph, what is demand contingent upon?

  • Q : Pure competition and monopolistic

    Monopolistically competitive and purely competitive industries tend to be described by: (i) important economies of scale in production. (ii) many potential buyers and sellers. (iii) horizontal demand curves facing each firm. (iv) conscious interdepend

  • Q : Opportunity Cost to the User An

    An opportunity cost to the user, although not to society as an entire, which would be the: (w) accounting profits realized by a firm of CPAs. (x) interest paid by a borrower for a bank loan. (y) rent paid by a sharecropper to a plantation owner. (z) m

  • Q : Higher interest rate in current

    For current consumption growing preferences over future consumption would be evidenced from a: (w) higher interest rate. (x) more quick rate of investment. (y) larger government budget surplus. (z) surplus into the balance of trade.

  • Q : Annual Percentage Rate and Annual

    Interest stated at an annual percentage rate that stands for APR is the rate of interest without consideration of compounding throughout that year. Yearly or annual percentage yield [APY] refers to interest which is compounded continuously. When a ban

  • Q : Foreign Exchange Market Whatt happens

    Whatt happens in the foreign exchange market when there is a U.S. export transaction

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