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  • Q : Additional Funds for Breaking Invention

    If Bank of America helps link an inventor in require of additional funds to develop a ground breaking invention along with a retired school teacher along with excess savings, in that case they are performing: (1) love connections. (2) financial interm

  • Q : Exit industry in long run at wholesale

    This purely competitive peach orchard would most likely exit this industry within the long run when the wholesale price per bushel of peaches fell below: (i) $9.00 per bushel of peaches. (ii) $10.00 per bushel of peaches. (iii) $11.00 per bushel of pe

  • Q : Most efficient production technique of

    Refer to the given data give the answer of following question. In view of the indicated resource prices, the economically most efficient production technique(s) is (are) technique(s): A) #1. B) #2 and #4. C) #3. D) #1 and #3.

    Q : Price takers in product market I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Price takers in product market. Please help me in the following question. Relative to firms which are price takers in product market, and then firms with market power tend to. (1) Hire some workers (2) Pay a lower wage

  • Q : Elasticity and profit maximization An

    An imperfectly competitive firm can maximize profit within the long run only at prices and also outputs where demand elasticity is: (w) greater than or equal to 1. (x) less than 1. (y) less than 0. (z) between 0 and 1.

    Q : Define product market Product market :

    Product market: It comprises of final services and goods.

  • Q : Price of Bond by Perpetuity When all

    When all bonds are perpetuities which annually pay $100, at an interest rate of 2%, in that case the price of these bonds would be: (1) $9800. (2) $5000. (3) $980. (4) $800. (5) $1,020.

    How can I s

  • Q : Define Capital expenditure Capital

    Capital expenditure: Any expenditure which will lead to formation of an asset or reduction in liability. This is financed out of capital receipts of government. Illustrations: Expenses on construction of roads, canals, bridges, grant of loans by the c

  • Q : Costs of rate of return The rate of

    The rate of return for an asset which costs $1,500 today and pays $1,800 a year from now is: (1) 5 percent. (2) 10 percent. (3) 15 percent. (4) 17.5 percent. (5) 20 percent.

    Please choose the right answer from abov

  • Q : Find average income by relatively

    When market demands for agricultural products are relatively price inelastic and relatively income inelastic both, in that case as per capita income raises, the average income of farmers will: (w) increase while supplies of agricultur

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