Limitations or demerits of ubuntu cloud

Explain the limitations or demerits of the ubuntu cloud.




Cloud computing has a few disadvantages given as follows:

a) Security and privacy: Data in the ubuntu cloud have several instances with the third party that different users may not prefer. Cloud servers store the sensitive information that should be protected at all costs. There is a vulnerability of unauthorized access.

b) Loss of control (dependency): In the cloud computing cloud service providers play a chief role in maintenance and fixing of the cloud. Being a third party, an organization has less control over it and once a cloud is set up migrating to the other CSP is not an easy task.

c) Costs: Though in the long run cloud computing is quite cheap however, being a new technology the improvements and research included forms it quite expensive. To involve this technology several changes may be needed involving the development of the software.

d) Integration and knowledge: As most of functions are offered by the CSP getting to understand the system from an organizational point of view is tough. Also the integration with existing systems is quite hard to attain.

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