Leaving turn-on the computer

Explain whether it is better to leave the computer on or should we turn it off?




In the past (1993 and earlier) it been beneficial to leave the computer “on” due to potential power switch related issues with some computer manufacturers. Though, this issue was not always applicable and today is no longer an issue with any computer. Though, it is still possible for elements to become bad within the computer, it is almost always not attributed to turning the computer on and off each day.

The answer to this question depends upon how you use your computer. Our recommendation for most of the users is that, when the computer is first turned “on” it should remain “on” until it is late and you don't plan on using it until the next day. Though, in case you are actively running anything over the computer or you wish for the tasks to run during the night like a backup, Scan Disk, Defrag, or the virus scan, it is recommend that computer remain on all night.

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