Classification of computer on basis of size

Classification of the basis of the size commercial

computer is based on the size and design. Modern computer can vary in size ranging from the entire room is to size that is small enough to fit the nail for the thumb from the room to spare.

i) super computer : most power and extremely fast and most expensive computer is available today they have multiple micro processor all of which function is parallel. They are used in the complex application where large amount of data is proceeds within a process in time

Area of the application: weather forecasting nuclear simulation automobile designing aircraft designing satellite launching and tracking system

Example; PARAM from c- dac india cray models from cray research

ii) Workstation: workstations are powerful single user computer is that are used by the engineer and graphic artist like minicomputer, workstation are often used as a network and internet servers

iii) Mainframe computer: mainframe computer which generally have many terminal or pcs connected to them handle massive amount of the input output and storage mainframe computer is lees powerful than the super computer they have very high main store and main support many user

Area of the application: mainframe computer are used in such are like wide area network banking railway reservation oilfield calculation corporation and government agency but there are also used as a e commerce servers handing transaction over the internet

iv) Minicomputer: minicomputer are most powerful than microcomputer both in the term of storage and processions capacity. they are designed to support multiple user and high speed    peripheral deceive mini computers are much more expensive than micro computer and are suitable for the large organization have been high volume processing requirement

Area of the application: servers in local area network payroll and processing requirement Etc

v) microcomputer personal computer: this is lowest computer range this arithmetic logic unit and control units are combined and house in a small integrated chip called a microcomputer with the develop of the new power and fast micro processer computer have been very powerful and very cheap micro computer are known as a personal computer they can be classified into two board groups

a) Desktop computer: they are very heavy and cannot be carried around with you and used while you are travel they depend upon micro depend on mail power supply the system unit housing disk drive motherboard and power supply the monitor and keyboard are not combined as a nits

b)portable computer ; THEY ARE SMALL AND LIGHT  in weight they can be run on the battery and are used in a productively tools and they computer can be used as a an address book a daily a calculator and a mobile phone they also support standard application like database management system spread sheet and word processor

classes of portable : they are essential three classes of the portable

i) laptop : they are of the small size slim attached and a shut case . they offer the same power as a desktop these are essential down desktop and used a reduce a keyboard and mouse as a input devise . the disadvantage of a mouse a it is a bulky it is also very difficult to operate without  the

the mouse without a desk

ii) notebook; they are smaller than a laptop and much light In the weight

palmtop : they are smallest in a range of the personal computer they can be run as a special design software due to a limited memory capacity

area of the microcomputer : word processing manager database computer graphic personal accounting desktop .

Example : IBMPC PC -AT apple machintosh etc

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