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  • Q : C why cotton textile tndustry is a

    why cotton textile tndustry is a microeconomic study

  • Q : Production and consumption of good of

    Production and consumption of a good is most probable to be economically inefficient in a private market system while private decisionmakers: (i) are affected by government policymakers. (ii) avoid how the activity generates benefits on non-decisionma

  • Q : Commodities of inelastic demand Which

    Which of the given commodities contain inelastic demand? A) Salt B) A particular brand of lipstick C) Medicines D) Mobile phone E) School uniform

  • Q : Income elasticity and inferior goods

    Raises in real income that causes the demands for: (i) inferior goods to shift upward and to the left. (ii) normal goods to shift upward and to the right. (iii) substitute goods to shift upward and to the right. (iv) complementary goods to decline mor

  • Q : Firms supply curve in short run

    Describe firm’s supply curve in short run, operating in perfect competition?

    Answer: It is a MC curve of the firm beginning from a point where MC = AVC (that is, minimum).

  • Q : Types of elasticity of supply Types of

    Types of elasticity of supply:

    There are five kinds of elasticity of supply:

    1. Perfectly elastic supply:

    Q : Problem on least monopsony power The

    The Firms which have at least some monopsony power will never: (i) Practice wage discrimination. (ii) Find out wage rates in portion by the number of workers it hires. (iii) Pay higher wages than would a firm hiring from the competitive labor market. (iv) Raise the em

  • Q : Effects of higher real interest rates

    Higher real interest rates give in: (w) greater incentives to save and decreased incentives to invest. (x) increases in the amount of liquidity desired by financial investors. (y) increases in the optimal debt-equity ratio of a corporation. (z) decrea

  • Q : Problem on Market Power and Demand for

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Imperfect competition in the product markets outcomes in: (i) Less labor hired than when product markets were competitive. (ii) Above the equilibrium wages being paid by the monopolists. (iii)

  • Q : Elastic industry What industry is

    What industry is perfectly elastic that is not agriculture?

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