Related Questions in Microeconomics

  • Q : Define aggregate demand Define

    Define aggregate demand: Aggregate demand is stated as the money value of total goods and services demanded by an economy throughout a particular period.

  • Q : Paying bond by given interest rate When

    When you buy a bond when the interest rate is 10 percent and sell it while the interest rate is 15%, you will obtain: (w) less than you paid for the bond. (x) more than you paid for the bond. (y) identical amount that you paid for the bond. (z) income

  • Q : Relative Prices-Rational consumer I

    I have a problem in economics on Relative Prices-Rational consumer. Please help me in the following question. The rational consumer buying decisions based on: (1) Present prices. (2) Absolute prices. (3) Nominal prices. (4) Relative prices.

    Q : Revenue added via selling an additional

    The revenue added through selling an additional unit of output is: (w) demand elasticity. (x) average profit rate. (y) supply elasticity. (z) marginal revenue.

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  • Q : Labor Contracts-Check-off Provisions

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The check-off provision stated as: (1) Was outlawed by Taft Hartley Act. (2) Is illegal in the union shops. (3) Simplifies the union dues collection. (4) Differentiates union shops from the ag

  • Q : Labor Unions and Union membership I

    I have a problem in economics on Labor Unions-Union membership. Please help me in the following question. The union membership is most widespread among: (1) White collar workers. (2) Managers and Supervisors. (3) Blue collar workers. (4) Young, upward

  • Q : Price of Bond by Perpetuity When all

    When all bonds are perpetuities which annually pay $100, at an interest rate of 2%, in that case the price of these bonds would be: (1) $9800. (2) $5000. (3) $980. (4) $800. (5) $1,020.

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  • Q : Absolute Poverty of Income A family

    A family whose income leaves this hovering at the brink of survival and that gives only a razor’s edge existence is experiencing: (w) relative poverty. (x) economic shock. (y) financial destitution. (z) absolute poverty.

    Q : Price ceilings causes shortages of a

    When price ceilings cause shortages of a good in that case the good tends to be: (1) replaced by substitutes by many consumers. (2) allocated by several non price mechanism. (3) more valuable to consumers than the money prices charged

  • Q : Price elasticity of supply of commodity

    Determine the price elasticity of supply of a commodity whose straight line supply curve passes via the origin forming an angle of 45 degree/75 degree?

    Answer: Unit