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  • Q : Economies of scale in natural monopoly

    Economies of scale which are substantial relative to market demand result within the market evolving to a: (w) contestable market. (x) collusive oligopoly. (y) natural monopoly. (z) "high tech" industry.

    Q : Corporate Finance and Retained Earnings

    I have a problem in economics on Corporate Finance and Retained Earnings. Please help me in the following question. The corporate income reserved by the corporation subsequent to paying corporate income taxes and dividends to the owners of general sto

  • Q : Elasticity of Demand Elasticity of

    Elasticity of Demand:

    The law of demand elucidates that demand will change due to a change in the price of the commodity. However it does not elucidate the rate at w

  • Q : Substitution and elasticity of good The

    The price elasticity of demand is probable to be greater the: (1) more extensively the good is seems as a need. (2) better the obtainable alternatives for producers. (3) higher the opportunity costs of production. (4) larger the number of utilizes for

  • Q : Business strategies in market Assume

    Assume that technological advances considerably lower costs for Honda. Hence which of the given statements is true: (w) when Honda lowers prices, rivals will rightfully accuse the firm of predatory pricing (x) when Honda raises prices, rivals will rightfully accuse th

  • Q : Price inelasticity of demand At a price

    At a price for $0, the demand for DVD games is around: (w) perfectly elastic. (x) perfectly inelastic. (y) unitarily elastic. (z) positively sloped.

    Q : Income of consumer-consequence on

    Income of consumer:

    In case of normal good - Increase in income leads to rise in quantity demanded of a normal good and reduce in income leads to reduction in quanti

  • Q : Elasticity and demand of monopolist

    When a monopolist produces output where demand is unitarily elastic, in that case marginal revenue equals: (1) price. (2) infinity. (3) negative infinity. (4) one. (5) zero.

    I need a good answer on the topic of

  • Q : Price cross elasticity of demand among

    A 2 percent price cut for doodads causes gizmo sales to fall by 3 percent. The price cross elasticity of demand among these goods is approximately _____ and such goods are _____. (w)  2/3, substitutes. (x) 1.5, substitutes. (y) 2/3, complements.

  • Q : Enter or leave the market by resources

    For a purely competitive industry in the long run: (i) several firms exit hence others may earn more than normal profits. (ii) established firms reap higher profits than newer firms. (iii) all resources are fixed for the industry as an entire. (iv) pe

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