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  • Q : Buying on margin What does “ buying on

    What does “buying on margin” means?

  • Q : Coefficient of cross-elasticity of

    When a price hike from $15 to $20 for DVD disks causes sales of DVD players to reduce from 100 to 50 units, in that case the coefficient of cross-elasticity of demand among these goods is approximately: (w) 1/10. (x)  10. (y)  7/3. (z) 

  • Q : Production and Value The People who

    The People who work in financial markets are least probable to make value by being productive via alteration of the: (i) Time when the materials are accessible. (ii) Place of materials. (iii) Form of materials. (iv) Possession or ownership of the materials.

  • Q : Ordinal utility In economics, what is

    In economics, what is ordinal utility and what are its assumptions

  • Q : Reduction in demand of Complementary

    Mold that damaged the hamburger crop following a flood would be most probable to decrease the demands for: (i) fried chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes. (ii) Soda pop and bottled water. (iii) Carrots, cucumbers and egg plant. (iv) Ketchup and mustard. (v) Sushi an

  • Q : Minimum possible economic losses Hello

    Hello guys I want your advice. Please recommend some views for below illustrated figure of Economics problem that for this profit-maximizing pure competitor, area Pbgh signifies: (1) fixed cost (TFC). (2) average fixed cost (AFC). (3)

  • Q : Prices and outputs in short run All

    All output markets which are less than purely competitive are characterized through: (1) domination of the market by some large firms. (2) individual firms that are very small to affect their prices. (3) freedom of entry and exit in the long run. (4)

  • Q : Problem on market boundaries The

    The market’s boundaries are stated by: (i) Legislation. (ii) The number of sellers and buyers in the market. (iii) The ease of trading among sellers and buyers. (iv) Geographical borders.

    Choose the right ans

  • Q : Tourism effects How tourism effects in

    How tourism effects in an upcoming industry?

  • Q : Consumers for Mortgage Funds Not in

    Not in between the total demands for loanable funds would be the demands of: (1) consumers for financial capital. (2) business firms for financial capital. (3) government for loanable funds to cover budget deficits. (4) consumers for mortgage funds. (

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