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  • Q : Consideration of positive statement

    Choose the right answer . A positive statement is concerned with: A) some goal that is desirable to society. B) what should be. C) what is. D) the formulation of economic policy.

  • Q : Unlimited amount at any market price A

    A monopoly firm which does not price discriminate does NOT: (w) have a marginal revenue curve which lies below its demand curve. (x) confront a downward-sloping demand curve. (y) have discretion over the price of its output. (z) sell

  • Q : Determine Gini index in Loren curve

    Since lifetime earning patterns differ, in that case the Gini index will: (1) continue to rise over time. (2) never reach zero or perfect equality. (3) remain constant. (4) surpass 100 in the near future. (5) be lower for developing countries than for

  • Q : Negatively-sloped demand curve for

    A firm which cannot price discriminate although which faces a negatively-sloped demand curve for output: (1) has a marginal revenue curve which is always below which demand curve. (2) will never knowingly produce at a level of output where the price e

  • Q : Define Inferior good Inferior good : It

    Inferior good: It is a good for which, other things equivalent, a rise in income leads to a reduction in demand.

  • Q : Financial Asset of Annual Income

    Perpetuity is a: (w) life insurance policy which matures upon retirement. (x) nondepreciable piece of capital. (y) financial asset which pays its owner an annual income forever. (z) pyramid scheme as a chain letter.

    Q : Difficulty of competitive firms to

    Competitive firms determine this difficult to exploit consumers as: (w) consumer boycotts generate bad publicity. (x) market distributions of products are uniformly fair. (y) government price ceilings equivalent opportunity costs. (z) prices that exceed costs attract

  • Q : Economic profits to entrepreneurs

    Economic profits are NOT recompenses to entrepreneurs who: (1) endure business uncertainty. (2) provide society along with economic capital. (3) innovate new goods and technologies. (4) exercise monopoly power or monopsony power. (5)

  • Q : Problem on Labor Unions and Wages The

    The Industrial unions try to accomplish wage rates above the competitive level through: (i) Limiting the supply of labor to the industry. (ii) Raising the supply of labor. (iii) Raising the productivity of the labor in an industry. (iv) Member’s agreeing to work

  • Q : Interest Rate Reinvestment Risk Explain

    Explain the term Interest Rate Reinvestment Risk in detail?

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