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  • Q : Consumption and saving schedules The

    The consumption and saving schedules demonstrate that: A) consumption rises, but saving declines, as disposable income rises. B) saving varies inversely with the profitability of investment. C) saving varies directly with the level of disposable income. D) saving is i

  • Q : Labor Contracts-Featherbedding The

    The Restrictive work rules which need firms to employ more workers than essential are termed as: (i) Feather-bedding. (ii) Seniority contracts. (iii) Blacklisting regulations. (iv) Agency shop provisions. (v) Yellow dog contracts.

  • Q : Wage Differentials problem Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Significant influences on the union non-union wage differentials comprise the: (1) Proportion of the industry which is unionized and the frequency of strikes. (2) Frequency of s

  • Q : Find average income by relatively

    When market demands for agricultural products are relatively price inelastic and relatively income inelastic both, in that case as per capita income raises, the average income of farmers will: (w) increase while supplies of agricultur

  • Q : Problem regarding to First Mover

    Carlos and Ivana both are roommates and friends. Carlos and Ivana eat together regardless of who cooks. When this game is repeated almost daily, and on Thursday, Ivana is permitted to pick first, the probable result is that: (w) neither Carlos nor Ivana cook, nor do t

  • Q : Rent controls fix rent in equilibrium

    Rent controls which fix rents below equilibrium will NOT: (w) maintain monetary rents down. (x) create shortages of rental housing. (y) stimulate non-market allocations of rental housing. (z) maintain the opportunity costs of housing down.

  • Q : Can the value of APS be negative Can

    Can the value of APS be negative:
    Yes, the value of APS is negative; when there are dissavings.

  • Q : Demand for Labor and Monopsony Power

    When wage discrimination is not likely for the first 40 workers this profit-maximizing firm hires, however it can wage discriminate absolutely whenever hiring all the subsequent workers, it hires a net of: (1) 40 workers at average wage of $700 per week per worker. (2

  • Q : Theory of Monopolistic Competition The

    The theory of monopolistic competition was developed through: (1) Alfred Marshall. (2) John Maynard Keynes. (3) Joseph Schumpeter. (4) Edward Chamberlin. (5) Antoine Augustin Cournot.

    Please choose the right answer

  • Q : College loan-Rational Ignorance Assume

    Assume that a student takes out a college loan which needs 12% annual interest, however later learns that his aunt makes loans to the family members at 5% interest. The student has suffered from the problem termed as: (1) Rational ignorance. (2) Blind indifference. (3

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