Related Questions in Microeconomics

  • Q : Determinants of demand affect the price

    For a particular product how do the determinants of demand affect the price?

  • Q : Total sales revenues and price

    If the price falls, there total sales revenues rise, in that case the price elasticity of demand: (1) relatively elastic. (2) relatively inelastic. (3) unitary elastic. (4) zero elastic. (5) inflexibly marginal.

    Q : Marginal Utilities and Demand Prices

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Rational individual consumers tend to purchase goods until the relative market prices for each and every goods purchased are proportional to all individuals: (i) Cost or benefit ratio. (ii) Op

  • Q : Burden of tax reduce on suppliers of

    Most of the burden of an excise (i.e., per unit) tax would be borne through consumers of the taxed good, although some of the tax burden would reduce on suppliers of the good demonstrated in: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z)

  • Q : Consequence on inventories When planned

    When planned savings are bigger or smaller than planned investment, then what will be its consequence on inventories?

    Answer: It will raise or reduce the inventorie

  • Q : Minimizes economic losses by

    When it is feasible for total revenue to cover all variable costs, an unregulated monopoly which does not price discriminate maximizes economic profits or else minimizes losses through producing the r

  • Q : Resources to escape state of destitution

    When an individual or family lacks adequate resources to escape a state of destitution, their circumstances are described as: (1) involuntary poverty. (2) relative poverty. (3) a vicious cycle of poverty (4) institutional poverty. (5) a culture of pov

  • Q : Real interest rate in saving and

    When the real interest rate : (w) is low, there are greater incentives to borrow and fewer incentives to lend. (x) is low, there are greater incentives to lend and fewer incentives to borrow. (y) equals the nominal interest rate + the expected rate of

  • Q : High demand facing relatively

    Total revenue for Macho Man fake mustaches increased after the price raised from $15 to $17, showing that demand faced throguh Macho Man was: (i) relatively elastic. (ii) relatively inelastic. (iii) unitarily elastic. (iv) perfectly elastic. (v) perfe

  • Q : Entry and exit of purely competitive

    Pure competition is described by freedom of entry and exit by firms which are: (i) price discriminators and quality adjusters. (ii) price takers and quantity adjusters. (iii) owned and operated by entrepreneurs. (iv) arbitrators and p