Related Questions in Microeconomics

  • Q : Problem on Fair labor standards act Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The Fair Labor Standards Act initially: (1) Was performed in the year 1858. (2) Outlawed minimum salaries. (3) Established a low minimum salary in a limited number of divisions

  • Q : Expected Rate of Inflation What is the

    What is the Expected Rate of Inflation. Illustrate the term.

  • Q : Equality Standard of Income Distribution

    When the equality standard of income distribution were adopted: (w) people would be paid the values of their marginal products. (x) family incomes would be identical for families of all sizes. (y) poets and engineers would have the same incomes. (z) g

  • Q : Market price in the Law of Equal

    The marginal utility [that is, additional jollies derived from the final unit consumed] of each and every of the specific goods you purchase regularly is probably most intimately correlated with each and every good’s: (1) Consumer surplus. (2) Market price. (3)

  • Q : Exploitation and the Wage Rate Assume a

    Assume a neither firm possessing both the monopsony power as an employer and the market power in its output market, however which can neither wage discriminate nor price discriminate. In the equilibrium in its labor market for workers, of the given va

  • Q : Define revenue Revenue : This refers to

    Revenue: This refers to total money income from the sale of output.

  • Q : State Performance of Funds Performance

    Performance of Funds: The performance of funds mainly depends on how much diversification has been taken up by a portfolio manager and also if the company’s fundamentals have been assessed well and no hasty decision has been made on the basis of

  • Q : Horizontal demand curve facing purely

    The demand curve facing a purely competitive firm is: (w) horizontal. (x) vertical. (y) downward sloping. (z) the horizontal summation of individual demand curves.

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution abo

  • Q : Stable negatively-sloped demand curve

    Assume that a monopolist face a stable negatively-sloped demand curve. Making more sales needs the monopolist to: (1) advertise its product. (2) decrease the price of the product. (3) lower its marginal revenue. (4) improve its technology. (5) increas

  • Q : Maximizes profits when price equal to

    A purely competitive firm will turn out where P = MC since this: (w) is good for society. (x) is all which is permitted through law. (y) maximizes profits. (z) permits price adjustment although not quantity adjustment.

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