Internal and external gills

Explain the challenges and advantages of having internal gills over external gills for gas exchange? (2 points)

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    Descriptive, conclusive and experimental reweave designs are used to study organizational behavior. Descriptive design illustrates how structure will be useful for researching a particular type of behavior, a conclusive research design cause and effect relationships. It predicts individual behavi

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    Write an illustration for hapten molecule.

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    ERP is a package with the methods and concepts for the integrated management of business as an entire, for efficient use of management resources, to enhance the effectiveness of an enterprise. At first, ERP was targeted for manufacturing industry most

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    In the numeric pyramid to which tropic level does base always refer?

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    After the morula phase what is the next phase? What is the morphological feature which states that phase?

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    This is traditionally considered as the major determined of an individual's personality. The culture largely determines what a person is and what a person will learn. The culture within which a person is brought up is very important determinate of behavior of a person. 


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    Name the main cells of nervous system?

    Answer: The main cells of nervous system are the neurons. In addition to the neurons, the nervous system is as well constitute

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    Define Host-Based System:

    (A) It is a system controlled by a central or main computer. The host-based system usually refers to a hierarchical communications system controlled by the central computer.

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    What is meant by the plant transpiration? Specify the two main types of the plant transpiration process? Out of them, which is more important in the volume?

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    Name the neurotransmitter of the neuromuscular junction? Explain how nervous system triggers muscle contraction?

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