Initiatives to exceed or match competitor strengths

Explain about the initiatives to exceed or match competitor strengths.




Initiatives to exceed or match competitor strengths:

There are two cases in which it creates intelligence to mount offensives aimed at neutralizing or overcoming the capabilities and strengths of rival companies. The first is when the company has no option but to try to whittle away at a powerful rival’s competitive benefit. The second is when it is possible to increase profitable market share at the cost of rivals despite whatever resource capabilities and strengths they have. Attacking a strong rival’s strengths may be essential when the rival has either a better product offering or better organizational capabilities and resources. The classic avenue for attacking a powerful rival is to present an equally fine product at a lower price. Other strategic options for attacking a competitor’s strengths contain leap-forging into next-generation technologies to build the rival’s products obsolete, running comparison ads, adding new features that plea to the rival’s consumers, increasing the product line to match the rival model for model, constructing major new plant capacity in the rival’s backyard, and developing consumer service capabilities that the targeted rival does not have.

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