Infinite price elasticity of supply

The price elasticity of supply in given grph is infinite therefore supply is perfectly price elastic within: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

759_Slope and Price Elasticity of Supply.png

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    When households become more willing to hold less cash and more stocks or bonds, in that case the: (1) level of Aggregate Demand increases. (2) present value of future income falls. (3) interest rate falls. (4) stock market will crash.

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    A 2 percent price cut for doodads causes gizmo sales to fall by 3 percent. The price cross elasticity of demand among these goods is approximately _____ and such goods are _____. (w)  2/3, substitutes. (x) 1.5, substitutes. (y) 2/3, complements.

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    When Prohibition Corporation maximizes profit into its production of St. Valentine’s Day software, there annual total costs of it will be around: (1) $180 million. (2) $140 million. (3) $100 million. (4) $80 million. (5) $40 mil

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    Which one is correct ? A) Both purely competitive and monopolistic firms are "price takers." B) Both purely competitive and monopolistic firms are "price makers." C) A purely competitive firm is a "price taker," while a monopolist is a "price maker." D) A purely compe

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    This brickyard is incurring total fixed costs which average about: (1) $200 daily. (2) $300 daily. (3) $400 daily. (4) $500 daily (5) $600 daily.

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    Entry within a competitive industry will continue till: (w) accounting losses are driven to zero. (x) economic profits equal accounting losses. (y) bookkeeping profit approaches zero. (z) economic profits are driven to zero.

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