Infinite price elasticity of supply

The price elasticity of supply in given grph is infinite therefore supply is perfectly price elastic within: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

759_Slope and Price Elasticity of Supply.png

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  • Q : Occurrence of equilibrium output of firm

    Economists frequently suppose that equilibrium output for any firm arises where: (w) revenue is maximized. (x) revenue is rising. (y) profit is rising. (z) profit is maximized.

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  • Q : Maximize profits at fixed costs A

    A monopoly along with huge fixed costs but no variable costs will maximize profits where is: (w) the price elasticity of demand is vast. (x) total costs are minimized. (y) MR = MC = 0. (z) price minus average cost is maximized

  • Q : Trade Restrictions of import and export

    Quotas that restricted U.S. imports of foreign steel between 2001 and 2004 because of the: (w) prices paid by U.S. car buyers to rise. (x) price of gasoline to rise sharply. (y) profits of U.S. steelmakers to drop. (z) quantities of European imports t

  • Q : Family Allowance Plans for Income

    Government payments generally provided into European nations which are roughly sufficient to feed and clothe each child within a family are parts of programs termed as: (w) Family Allowance Plans [FAPs]. (x) negative income taxes [NITs]. (y) indigent subsidy plans [IS

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    Within the limit pricing model of strategic behavior, there the demand curve facing a new entrant will be: (w) horizontal. (x) the difference between industry demand and incumbent sales at each price. (y) the difference between the new entrant's outpu

  • Q : Attribute Demand Curve for Bonds A

    A demand curve for bonds moving to the right is probably to be attributable to: (w) a business cycle recession. (x) lower expected (future) interest rates. (y) an increase into the expected rate of inflation. (z) an increase in the liquidity of altern

  • Q : Rain affects play The ABC industry in

    The ABC industry in UK had poor sales in the summer of 2007. This practice explores why, employing economic analysis. It considers how the forces in the direction of an equilibrium price might affect a firm.

  • Q : Output produced by profit maximizing

    A profit maximizing monopolist produces output where: (i) MR = MC as long as the corresponding price exceeds average variable costs [P>AVC]. (ii) marginal revenue minus marginal costs [MR - MC] is maximized. (iii) price minus average cost is maximi

  • Q : Examples of Labor

    The contracts needing employment after some worker’s jobs have been made obsolete through automation are illustrations of: (i) Blacklisting. (ii) Labor-reducing protectionism. (iii) Check-off provisions. (iv) Yellow dog contracts. (v) Feather-bedding.

  • Q : Problem on sellers utility function The

    The economy consists of a single buyer and a single seller. The buyer has the utility function

    b ln xB1 + xB2

    with b ≤ 10. The seller has the