Infinite price elasticity of supply

The price elasticity of supply in given grph is infinite therefore supply is perfectly price elastic within: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

759_Slope and Price Elasticity of Supply.png

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    The marginal utility (MU) of a good: (1) Was first introduced by Adam Smith. (2) Is simply measured in dollars. (3) Is determined by society as an entire. (4) Reflects subjective preferences.

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    Optimal Sample Size: The optimal or suitable size of sample in a survey or poll is the function of four discrete factors:

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    All firms maximize profit by manufacturing output where is: (w) AC = MR. (x) MC = MR when maximum total revenue exceeds total variable costs. (y) MR is rising. (z) TR = TC.

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    Below the poverty line the proportion of the U.S. population is: (w) rises with upturns of the business cycle. (x) has declined, though somewhat erratically, over the past 50 years. (y) has been virtually eliminated by a vigorous “War on Poverty

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    Along this illustrated linear demand curve, there is: (1) inelastic portion is range a. (2) elastic portion is range b. (3) midpoint is unitarily price elastic. (4) elasticity is constant in each and every ranges. (5) midpoint elasticity becomes infin