Increase total revenue by increasing output

A monopolist can raise total revenue by increasing output when: (w) demand is elastic. (x) demand is inelastic. (y) demand is unitarily elastic. (z) supply is perfectly elastic.

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    When demand for a consumer good is relatively price inelastic, in that case the: (i) total spending of consumers will decline when the price rises. (ii) demand curve is linear and vertical. (iii) price of the good is determined through supply alone. (

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    Which of the give predatory strategies is illegal: (w) Redesigning an existing product to make this incompatible along with a rival's product. (x) Introduction of a close substitute to a rival's product. (y) Pricing below cost into order to force riva

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    The Screening devices employed whenever employers try to save adverse selection by the applicants for place do not comprise: (i) review resumes to recognize applicant’s qualifications. (ii) Needing non-compete clauses which prevent latest employees from working

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    The Natural selection theory states that the manager’s failures to maximize the profits cause: (i) Firing of its managers. (ii) The firm’s collapse. (iii) Outside take-overs. (iv) All of the above.

    Can someone please he

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    Below the poverty line the proportion of the U.S. population is: (w) rises with upturns of the business cycle. (x) has declined, though somewhat erratically, over the past 50 years. (y) has been virtually eliminated by a vigorous “War on Poverty

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    I have a problem in economics on Labor Contracts-Shop Agreements. Please help me in the following question. The union leaders would tend to favor the contract clause needing: (1) A sweat shop. (2) An agency shop. (3) A union shop. (4) An open shop.

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    When the market interest rate exceeds the rate of return you compute on an asset: (i) competition for profit must make its price rise quickly. (ii) its present value is less than its price. (iii) the market is in long term equilibrium

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    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. When your marginal utility from $5 movies averages 50 utils and your marginal utility from $2 gallons of the gasoline is 20 utils, you can: (1) Not add to your satisfaction by m

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    I can't get the answer of this question of Engel curve. Help me in determining answer of this question. Describe relationship between the Engel curve and the income effect?

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    settlement range between management and the trade union

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