Income related to positive demand

I have a problem in economics on Income related to positive demand. Please help me in the following question. The goods for which the demands are positively related to income are termed as: (i) Normal goods. (ii) Inferior goods. (iii) Substitute necessities. (iv) Complementary goods.

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    This is socially undesirable for a monopolist to produce where the price exceeds to marginal social cost [P > MSC] since: (w) resources are allocated inefficiently since too small is produced. (x) too many resources are used and production is exces

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    Illustrate and explain using diagrams, the difference between long run supply in a constant cost individual firm and industry and an increasing cost firm and industry.

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    A monopolist maximizes total revenue through producing where is: (w) marginal revenue = marginal cost [MR = MC]. (x) marginal revenue = 0. (y) demand is elastic. (z) demand is inelastic.

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    Refer to the following data. Equilibrium price will be:  A) $4. B) $3. C) $2. D) $1.


    Give the answer of above questaion

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    Monopolistic competition is NOT described by: (1) P = MSC. (2) large numbers of sellers. (3) P = LRATC. (4) MR = MC. (5) differentiated products.

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    A price discriminating-monopoly will NOT: (w) charge various prices for a good to various consumers. (x) charge various prices for a good without cost differential. (y) charge similar price to all consumers. (z) charge more for those consumers who hav

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    The income elasticity of demand for mass transit of 0.6 signifies that the demand for mass transit: (1) Is a requirement. (2) Is a luxury. (3) Will increase at a slower rate than income. (4) Will drop/fall when personal incomes increases average.

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