In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Price elasticity of demand when price

    When diet faddists gulp 205 million unsweetened as “No-Carb” milkshakes of $2.30 apiece, if cut back to 155 million per week while the price rises to $3.70 every, the price elasticity of their demand for shakes equivalents

  • Q : Elasticity of supply when product

    Since the supply of land is fixed, then the: (w) demand for land is absolutely horizontal. (x) supply of land is completely elastic. (y) demand for land is absolutely vertical. (z) supply of land is perfectly inelastic.

    Q : Define deficient demand or deflationary

    Define deficient demand or deflationary gap: Deficient demand occur whenever AD is less than AS at the level of full employment equilibrium

  • Q : Problem on Substitution effect for good

    One of my friend has a problem on substitution effect. The original equilibrium point (that is utility-maximizing bundle) in the graph shown below is at point A. The price of good Y is increased, pivoting the budget constraint down to its latest level.

    a. F

  • Q : Present Value and Rates of Return When

    When the annual interest rate is 12 percent and a rental house can be expected to rent perpetually for $1,000 monthly, rough computation suggests the house contain a present value of: (1) $240,000. (2) $144,000. (3) $100,000. (4) $72,000. (5) $12,000.

  • Q : Elastic Demand for Labor At existing

    At existing wages the LEAST elastic demand for the labor is most likely faced by: (i) Unskilled harvest workers. (ii) Garment workers. (iii) Assembly line workers. (iv) Dentists.

    Can someone please help me in findi

  • Q : Price mechanism Write down the benefits

    Write down the benefits of leaving the allocation of countries resources to price mechanism?

  • Q : Consuming a grouping of goods problem A

    A household utmost it’s utility by consuming a grouping of goods which exhausts income when, for each and every good, the: (i) Marginal utilities are equivalent. (ii) Prices are equivalent. (iii) Ratios of marginal utility or price are equivalen

  • Q : Price elasticity inconsistent with

    Of the given price elasticities for market supply curves or market demand curves, and the one which is absolutely inconsistent along with standard economic theory would be one for that, across feasible ranges of prices as: (i) supply

  • Q : Find total revenue when relatively

    When the demand for Tantalizingly Tart Tangerine-ade of Tasty Toni is relatively price elastic, then Toni can boost her total revenue through: (w) raising her price. (x) keeping her price similar. (y) lowering her pri