In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Critics of negative income tax Critics

    Critics of negative income tax (NIT) proposals most generally argue that: (a) economic rents should be taxed at a rate of 100%. (b) in-kind services should be above and beyond generous income assistance. (c) no NIT plan would be flexible enough to sol

  • Q : Revenue added via selling an additional

    The revenue added through selling an additional unit of output is: (w) demand elasticity. (x) average profit rate. (y) supply elasticity. (z) marginal revenue.

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  • Q : Define Producers equilibrium Producers

    Producers equilibrium signifies the stage beneath which with the help of given factors of production producer attain the level of production of which he is acquiring maximum gain.

  • Q : Price Elasticity-Income Elasticity and

    When both population and per capita income grow across time, in that case your income will tend to be most erratic but the goods you sell are: (1) both income inelastic and price inelastic within demand. (2) a large part of classical

  • Q : Rising the level of utility Kelly

    Kelly spends his whole food budget on steak and doughnuts, and could trade 2 pounds of steak for 4 doughnuts devoid of changing his level of satisfaction. When the price of doughnuts is 50 cents and steak is $2.00 per pound, Kelly will most likely adjust by: (i) Incre

  • Q : Charging price of profit-maximizing

    Hybrid Roses is the merely florist in 60 miles of Presidio, Texas. When total fixed costs (for example, rent and utilities) are $9 per hour, that profit-maximizing monopolist will charge a price of: (1) $10 per dozen roses. (2) $12 pe

  • Q : Negative Rate of Return by Financial

    The financial investment probably to generate a negative rate of return is the: (w) cost of your college education. (x) purchase of a lottery ticket. (y) $25,000 each a group of business people paid to buy franchises within the American Football League into 1960 year.

  • Q : Central problems of an economy

    Elucidate the central problems of an economy:

    A) What to produce?
    B) How to produce?
    C) For whom to produce?


    Q : Discrimination and Income Differentials

    By 2000, the differential among the rich and the poor which can be attributed to economic discrimination was computed at: (w) approximately 60 percent. (x) approximately 30 percent. (y) under 10 percent. (z) zero.

  • Q : Market Power-Monopsony Power-Demand for

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question.

    Siberian Software vends custom programs to multinational corporations. Its programs are coded in a remote region. In equilibrium, the Siberi

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