In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Concept of Production Possibilities

    The Production possibilities frontiers describe the concepts of: (1) A trade-off between inflation and unemployment. (2) Positive economics versus the normative economics. (3) Scarcity, opportunity costs, and reducing returns. (4) Absolute advantages

  • Q : Potential advantage of Proprietorships

    Beth and Anna each own a florist shop. After many years of rivalry, they make a decision to team up and make a partnership. The potential advantage of such a union would be that: (1) They can divide up duties and become more proficient. (2) Their partnership profits n

  • Q : Quantity demanded to exceed quantity

    I have a problem in economics on Quantity demanded to exceed quantity supplied. Please help me in the following question. A shortage takes place whenever the current market price causes: (1) Quantity demanded to surpass quantity supplied. (2) Quantity

  • Q : Determine daily total revenue of

    While the price of watches is $35, in that case15 watches are sold on a typical day, the everyday’s total revenue is: (w) $475. (x) $525. (y) $350. (z) $150.

    Hello guys I want your advice. Please recommend so

  • Q : Monopolistic Exploitation Can someone

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. In the equilibrium for a price maker firm, the rate of monopolistic exploitation is any difference among: (i) P and MR. (ii) P and MC. (iii) VMP and MRP. (iv) Output price and rate of monopson

  • Q : Markets which are relevant for human

    All markets which are really relevant for human beings are exemplified by: (1) Extensive advertising, sales promotions and marketing. (2) Demands from each and every individual for all products. (3) Potential buyers willing to reimburse and potential

  • Q : Competition-Social Welfare problem The

    The purely competitive firm in the output market which hires from a purely competitive labor market will employ the labor at the point where VMP = W as the firm: (i) Operates in society's best interest. (ii) Wants to be quite fair to workers. (iii) Is egalitarian inst

  • Q : Compute rate of return on interest rate

    When the rate of return you compute onto an asset exceeds the interest rate: (w) its present value exceeds its price. (x) the market is within long term equilibrium. (y) you should avoid buying the asset. (z) the price must fall quick

  • Q : Market demand curve of pure monopolist

    A pure monopolist faces as: (w) a perfectly elastic demand for its product because it can't affect market price. (x) a perfectly inelastic demand for its product. (y) the market demand curve for its product. (z) a constant marginal cost curve.

  • Q : Question on lowering the supply The

    The Reagan Administration introduced new agricultural program named as the Payment-in-Kind Program, in the year of 1983. In order to distinguish how the program worked, let's assume the wheat market. Now assume the government desire to lower the supply of whe

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