In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Total revenue on profit-maximizing

    Total revenue roughly for the profit-maximizing lumber mill equivalents: (i) $1700 daily. (ii) $2500 daily. (iii) $3500 daily. (iv) $4590 daily. (v) $6000 daily.

    Q : Quantity demands equivalent quantity

    These supply and demand curves for sugar propose that the: (1) demand price exceeds the supply price at quantity Q2. (2) technology should advance to allow output to develop to Q4. (3) quantity demanded equals quantity supplied at P1.

  • Q : Interest rate falls by liquidity When

    When households shift by an emphasis on cash into their portfolios and more stocks and bonds since they have become more willing to hold less liquid assets, in that case the: (w) interest rate rises. (x) present value of future income falls. (y) inter

  • Q : Profit Maximization in Labor Markets

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. All the profit maximizing firms use labor up to the point where: (1) VMP = MFC. (2) VMP = w. (3) VMP = MRP. (4) MRP = MFC. (5) MR   MC is maximized.

  • Q : Process of Screening Can someone help

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The principal who observes the qualifications of a potential agent prior to offering the agent a contract is engaging in the procedure of: (1) Signaling. (2) Finding out an efficient wage. (3)

  • Q : Illustration of transaction costs You

    You are more probable to shop at a remote farmers’ market quite than buy apples at a local grocery store while: (w) possible, since produce is cheaper at the farmers’ market. (x) you would like to buy only vegetables and fruits. (y) the opportunity costs o

  • Q : Interest Rate by Holding a Bond When

    When you hold a bond if the interest rate rises, you will: (w) have less money when you sell it. (x) receive more interest income. (y) gain by shifting funds to the stock market. (z) eventually spend more and save more.

    Q : Arbitrager-individual or organization

    The arbitrager is an organization or individual that will: (1) Simultaneously purchase low and sell high in various markets. (2) Create disparities among prices in various markets. (3) Resolve disputes among sellers and consumers. (4) Purchase low and

  • Q : Optimal market solution of marginal

    From society’s point of view, an optimal market solution is attained while: (w) everyone’s income is equal. (x) all goods are given in the economy. (y) marginal social costs only equal marginal social benefits. (z) consumer surplus equals

  • Q : Labor Supply Curves to the Competitive

    The price taker in labor market: (1) Can set the salary that it will pay for the labor it hires. (2) Can set the salary at which it supplies the use of its labor. (3) Doesn’t care what salary it pays or obtains. (4) Can’t influence the wage recognized by t

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