In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Problem on Decisions at the Marginal

    The least clear illustration of how decisions are generally at the margin would be: (i) A floral shop hiring an additional clerk and opening earlier in hopes of increasing revenues by half. (ii) Eating less whenever the menu is a-la-carte than at an ‘all-you-can

  • Q : Capitalization in expected income

    Capitalization is the process whereby wealth is produced and after that recognized when: (1) financial institutions transform households’ saving in economic investment. (2) asset prices are adjusted through market forces to reflect the present v

  • Q : Featherbedding-Labor Contracts The

    The clauses in labor contracts that need continued employment of the workers whose jobs are technologically outdated are termed as: (1) Moth-balling. (2) Yellow dog contracts. (3) Featherbedding. (4) Goldbricking. (5) Shirking clauses.

    Q : Purely competitive decreasing cost

    When a decreasing cost industry is purely competitive in that case: (1) each firm’s long-run supply curve is downward sloping. (2) each firm encounters increasing returns to scale. (3) growth of industry output yields lower per unit costs. (4) c

  • Q : Transferred Funds in Financial Markets

    Financial markets are markets in that funds are transferred from: (w) financial investors or institutions which have an excess of available funds to people or firms which have a shortage. (x) people who have a shortage of obtainable funds to people wh

  • Q : Pure competition in product and

    When no goods generate external costs or benefits within their consumption or production and when the income distribution is deemed acceptable, in that case economic efficiency is promoted through: (w) government inte

  • Q : Export transactions Select the right

    Select the right answer of the question. U.S. export transactions create: A) a U.S. demand for foreign monies and the satisfaction of this demand decreases the supplies of dollars held by foreign banks. B) a U.S. demand for foreign monies and the satisfaction of this

  • Q : Problem on Competition and Social

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The purely competitive organization in the output market which hires from a purely competitive labor market will utilize labor at the point where VMP = W since the firm: (i) Fun

  • Q : Quality of government in income

    Concern regarding the quality of government is income elastic for mainly people that imply that higher incomes and prosperity tend to: (w) increase people’s participation in political processes. (x) reduce efforts to solve political problems. (y

  • Q : Define Visible items in BOP Visible

    Visible items: All kinds of goods that are exported and imported are termed as visible items. These are visible as such are made up of some matter or material. The record of such items is obtainable with the ports. Illustrations: Tea, Jute items, Petr

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