In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Profit from predatory pricing In order

    In order for a firm to profit from predatory pricing: (w) the incumbent must fulfill the entire industry demand at a price below costs. (x) the cost of predation should be less than the profits incurred through driving out one’s rivals from the

  • Q : Demand of Substitute Goods I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Demand of Substitute Goods. Please help me in the following question. All as well equivalent, raised prices for a new Toyotas will most instantly rise the: (1) Price cuts essential for ‘lemons’ to be sold b

  • Q : Right-to-Work Laws The states which

    The states which have ‘Right to Work’ laws, and collective bargaining agreements: (i) Can’t need all the employees to join a union in a certain period after being hired. (ii) Generally specify the number of employees a firm should hire. (iii) Should

  • Q : Cost and revenue assume the firm is a

    assume the firm is a price taker and faces a market price of €60 per unit. draw the AR and MR curves

  • Q : Demand in price inelastic region

    HoloIMAGine will never deliberately generate and sell holographic technology at an output level where is: (w) marginal revenue [MR] is positive. (x) demand is in a price-elastic region. (y) marginal revenue [MR] is falling. (z) demand is in a price-in

  • Q : Short-run equilibrium of

    A purely-competitive, short-run equilibrium does NOT need which each firm: (w) produces where MC = MR = P > min(AVC). (x) experiences no excess demand or excess supply. (y) earns only zero economic profit. (z) adjust output hence m

  • Q : Area above supply curve of resource The

    The area above a resource’s supply curve although below its price is a pure: (w) economic rent. (x) consumer surplus. (y) capitalization. (z) monopoly profit.

    Please choose the right answer from above...I wan

  • Q : Effect of prices declining in

    Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. Americans would start cultivating bigger, greener lawns when the: (i) Prices of the fertilizer and water declined. (ii) Government imposed stricter safety standards for the lawn

  • Q : Relative Prices of household

    When a household consumes just x and y, a higher price of y and the stable price of x will make: (i) All goods cheaper relative to the x. (ii) x cheaper relative to the y. (iii) Real family income grow. (iv) Substitution against x the more desirable.

    Q : Product differentiation in market If

    If new soap operas that, although same to the previous ones, all are advertised as original and new, the TV networks are engaging within: (i) bait and switch. (ii) product differentiation. (iii) monopolistic competition. (iv) dynamic game theory. (v)