immune system

briefly explain the general features of antigens

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    What is meant by the term Nymph and Imago?

  • Q : Define Quality Aspects Quality Aspects:

    Quality Aspects: Since culture is all about managing people, hence it is imperative to have the right person at the right job. Therefore, recruitment is considered to be the most critical. It chooses people who are optimistic, humble, passionate and e

  • Q : Cells producing the myelin sheath Name

    Name the cells which produce the myelin sheath? Of which substance the myelin sheath is formed?

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    This factor refers to all the forces operating within a person to cause him or her to engage in certain kinds of behavior rather than others. Even if all the factors are present to unless the person is motivated to perform well. Motivation may be internal, for example, a person's skill, ability,

  • Q : Main features of phloem What are the

    What are the cell types that form the phloem? What are the main features of those cells?

  • Q : Characteristics of a Group -

    1)     Interaction among members

    2)     Common interests or goals

    3)     People see themselves as members

    4)     Two or more people are needed to form groups


  • Q : Line organization structure or military

    Line organization structure or military organization

    A line organization is one in which all managers have direct authority over their respective subordinates, throu

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    Business process Reengineering: Business Process Reengineering (abbreviated as BPR) is, in computer science and management, an approach aspiring at enhancements by means of elevating effectiveness and efficiency of the business process which exist wit

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    Project: A project is a ‘project’ regardless of whether it is technology based, for organizational/cultural change, or other complex change.

    A project can be a “plan” or a “scheme&rdqu

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    What do you meant by the term clonal proliferation?