immune system

briefly explain the general features of antigens

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    State how many chambers do the bird heart and the mammalian heart have? Concerning the maintenance of temperature specify the benefit of double and complete circulation of these animals?

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    Name the five classes of vertebrates? To which of such do human beings belong?

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    Define the term pneumatic bones?

    Answer: Birds encompass light weighted bones with internal spaces filled with air. Such bones are termed as pneumatic bones. This fe

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    Pharmacokinetics is the study of drug delivery through absorption/dispersion into the body, distribution around the body and elimination or excretion out of the body. Drug delivery into a body depends on numerous factors. These include:

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    Is the nervous system in platyhelminthes less or more sophisticated than in cnidarians? What are the major neural structures found in flat-worms? How is this neural organization significant for the diversity of biological niches explored by the specie



    Policy is a guide to the thinking and action of those who make decisions while strategy relates to the direction in which human and

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    Write down the main risk factor for lung cancer?

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