Hello, Would you please find a small case study in managerial economics. please I don't want the typical solution because the prof have it. thanks

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  • Q : Lower Wage Differentials in Occupation

    If all else regarding two occupations are relatively equal, then wages tend to be lower for jobs which: (1) require important education and training. (2) expose the worker to bad weather. (3) require extended periods away from home. (4) pose health and safety hazards

  • Q : Price and output decisions in

    Illustrates the price and output decisions in Monopolistic Competition?

  • Q : Different types of determinants of

    What are the different types of determinants of advertisement elasticity?

  • Q : Substantial general training to certain

    When a firm gives substantial general training to specific workers: (i) it is probable to pay them a premium wage to cut labor turnover. (ii) the workers are likely to receive less pay than their VMPs after such training. (iii) the workers are most pr

  • Q : Find equality of Net economic

    Net economic investment plus depreciation equivalents: (a) the capital output ratio. (b) gross economic investment. (c) gross domestic product. (d) the capital stock.

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  • Q : Introduction of the term Marginal

    Provide a brief introduction of the term Marginal Costing? And also write down the essential suppositions made by Marginal Costing?

  • Q : Why is wealth definition of economics

    Why is wealth definition of economics criticized?

  • Q : Influenced demand for labor When the

    When the demand for labor influenced by the minimum wage is wage elastic, increasing the minimum wage would: (w) increase total wages received by low wage workers. (x) reduce total wages received by low wage workers. (y) not affect th

  • Q : Charging the competitive price in the

    An apparent monopoly might charge the competitive price in the long run when: (w) exit is costly. (x) entry and exit are relatively costless. (y) this is not a natural monopoly. (z) this is not regulated.

    Q : Extension/contraction and shift in

    Differentiate between extension/contraction and shift in demand?