Hello, Would you please find a small case study in managerial economics. please I don't want the typical solution because the prof have it. thanks

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  • Q : Illustrates the types of Demand

    Illustrates the types of Demand Forecasting?

  • Q : Economic Efficiency to make one person

    When an economic alteration makes one person better off whereas no one else is affected, then this is: (w) efficient to make the change. (x) traumatic to make the change. (y) neither good nor bad for society. (z) strictly a positive value judgment to

  • Q : Values of marginal products of the

    Competitive product as well as resource markets yields resource prices and incomes to resource owners that are proportional to the: (1) relative prices of the goods produced. (2) values of marginal products of the resources. (3) distr

  • Q : Increases in labor force participation

    When this purely competitive labor market is primarily in equilibrium at D0L, S0L, a move to equilibrium at D0L, S1L would be probably to follow from increases in: (w) rates of technological advance. (x) the cost of living. (y) labor force participati

  • Q : More productive firm for labor Workers

    Workers who keep their jobs will be more productive after firms adjust to raises in: (1) competition in an industry. (2) wages. (3) technological advances. (4) capital costs. (5) government regulation.

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  • Q : Human Capital and the Demand for Labor

    Investment in human capital is not essentially involved while: (w) people acquire and sharpen new productive skills. (x) a person attends college and learns engineering. (y) a person jogs to stay in shape. (z) the marginal productivity of labor increa

  • Q : Explain the money cost concept briefly

    Explain the money cost concept briefly.

  • Q : Determine the demand when Demand and

    Suppose that the auto market started at the intersection of D0S0, and in that case automakers opened foreign assembly plants after discovering which competent foreign employees worked for minor wages. How would it influence the auto market?: (

  • Q : Find demand when Supply and Demand

    Suppose that the auto started began at the intersection of S0 and D0, and then Congress passed a main personal income tax cut. So, how will it affect the auto market?: (w) No change. (x) Demand shifts to D2. (y) Demand shifts to D

  • Q : Moral Hazard and Efficiency Wages

    Firing a worker who regularly goods off and calls in sick may not resolve the moral hazard problem of shirking when: (w) there is a high probability which the worker will sue the firm. (x) the local unemployment rate is high. (y) average worker productivity is low. (z

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