Hello, Would you please find a small case study in managerial economics. please I don't want the typical solution because the prof have it. thanks

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  • Q : Gains from Exchange Can someone help me

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Persons or nations that can outperform their competitors in all tasks enjoy: (1) Absolute benefits in all outputs. (2) Relative benefits in all outputs. (3) Comparative benefits in all outputs

  • Q : Charging the competitive price in the

    An apparent monopoly might charge the competitive price in the long run when: (w) exit is costly. (x) entry and exit are relatively costless. (y) this is not a natural monopoly. (z) this is not regulated.

    Q : Supply of certain types of labor The

    The supply of certain types of labor is determined through the: (w) skills of potential workers. (x) the availability of other workers. (y) the prices of output. (z) production technology.

    I need a good answer on the topic of

  • Q : Screening job hiring decisions The

    The concept that employers artificially utilize formal training and education while screening job applicants to make hiring decisions is termed as: (w) nepotism. (x) formalism. (y) human capital discrimination. (z) credentialism.

    Q : Saving of production costs attributable

    The rental value of a high quality piece of agricultural land timely era is: (w) negatively associated to the price of agricultural output this could produce. (x) unrelated to the costs of its cultivation. (y) equal to the saving of production costs a

  • Q : Earning difference in average wages In

    In 2007 year, relative to men along with comparable education and experience, working women earned average wages which were roughly: (w) 25%-35% of the average wages for men.. (x) 70%-80% of the average wages for men. (y) 80%-90% of the average wages

  • Q : Bend backward labor supplies Labor

    Labor supply curvesbend backward” within response to overwhelmingly powerful: (i) marginal effort effects. (ii) income effects. (iii) wealth effects. (iv) derived supply effects. (v) substitution effects.

    Q : Fundamental goal of maximizing in firms

    Economists suppose that firms hire labor to further a fundamental goal of maximizing: (1) economic profit. (2) workers’ welfare. (3) economy-wide employment. (4) managerial compensation. (5) the total value of output.

  • Q : Forecasting demand what are the

    what are the criteria for good forecasting

  • Q : Profit Maximization with Marginal

    All profit-maximizing firms will hire further labor up to the point where is the: (w) average physical product of labor equals the nominal wage. (x) last unit of labor adds equally to total revenue and total cost. (y) marginal product of labor is at i

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