Gametogenesis in men and in women

In accordance with the events during periods of life, how gametogenesis is different in men and in women?




The formation of the spermatogonia in men occurs during the embryonic period. Formation of the sperm cells though is a constant process which starts in the puberty and carries on until the old age and sometimes during all remaining life of man.

In women, all oogonia are made before the birth. The oogonia turn into the oocytes I which enter first division of the meiosis (meiosis I). This division though gets disrupted at the prophase and continues only in the puberty. After beginning of menses, an egg cell is released during every period and, in case it is fecundated, it ends the meiotic division. The oogenesis impedes after the menopause (i.e. cessation of the menstrual activity) and the climacteric period of life starts.

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