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  • Q : Best identification hypothesis for

    What is best identification hypothesis for a plant tissue seen under microscope having most cells undergoing cell division?

  • Q : Other Factors - Personality

    I. Temperament: Temperament and other non-intellectual personality traits are distributed according to the normal distribution. Temperament  is the degree to which one responds emotionally.

    II. Interest: The individual normally has many interests in

  • Q : What do you mean by the term Aquaculture

    What do you mean by the term Aquaculture? Also state the major kinds of aquaculture?

  • Q : Define Sales Presentations Sales

    Sales Presentations: It is an event at that a company representative meets along with clients to illustrate the products and services of company, with the objective of making a sale. It is a significant part of the marketing process, like they permit

  • Q : Androecium and gynoecium Explain the

    Explain the androecium and the gynoecium? Specify the other structures of the flowers?

  • Q : Including main events an hormonal

    How can the menstrual cycle be described when including main events and hormonal changes?

  • Q : Impact of Environment on Operational

    It is an imperative that when formulating Operational plans the environments in which the business operates in are considered, identify the environments and the tools used to analyze the impact of environment each on planning.

  • Q : Technology in the organization Define

    Define the term Technology which has changed the organization with example ?

  • Q : Define the term reflex arc Briefly

    Briefly define the term reflex arc?

  • Q : Perceptual Process - Organizational

    Perception is a process consisting of several sub-processes. We can take an input-throughput-output approach to understand the dynamics of the perceptual process. This approach emphasizes that there is input, which is processed and gives output. The stimuli in the environment - subjects, events,