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  • Q : Characterization of circulatory system

    How the circulatory system of reptiles is characterized? What is the fundamental difference between the amphibian and reptile heart?

  • Q : GPP and photosynthesis Explain what is

    Explain what is meant by the gross primary production of the ecosystem? How the GPP does is related to the photosynthesis?

  • Q : Explain the nature of Lipid rafts

    Lipid rafts provide another example of the complexity of cell surfaces in both their structural character and biologic functionality. Please explain the nature of these structures and their functionality.

  • Q : What is Facilities Consolidation

    Facilities Consolidation: It is the manufacturing, distribution and facilities management functions of a corporation are frequently in the crosshairs of cost reduction efforts. It is due to important fixed and variable costs of production, distributio

  • Q : Characterization of Cnidarian identity

    How are Cnidarian identity characterized according to illustrations of representing beings, fundamental morphology, kind of symmetry, germ layers and coelom, respiratory system, digestive system, excretory system, circulatory system, nervous system an

  • Q : Catalyst used in the reaction it

    What quantity of catalyst is used in the reaction it catalyzes?

    Answer: Catalysts are not used in the reactions they catalyze.

  • Q : Mineral salts for cellular osmotic

    What are the major mineral salts accountable for the cellular osmotic regulation?

    Answer: The major ions which act in the regulation of osmotic pressure in tissues a

  • Q : Digestion in protozons and sponges

    compare the methods of digestion in protozoans and sponges

  • Q : Type of digestive system in the molluscs

    Name the type of digestive system in the molluscs?

    Answer: Molluscs existed extracellular digestion and a whole digestive system, with anus and mouth.

  • Q : Mammalian embryonic growth Is the

    Is the mammalian embryonic growth indirect or direct?

    Answer: In mammals, the embryonic growth is direct, devoid of larval phase.

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