Free products

Select the right answer of the question .Free products offered by firms :1) may or may not be free to society, but are never free to individuals. 2) may or may not be free to individuals, but are never free to society. 3) are poduced and distributed at no cost to society. 4) usually are items nobody wants.

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  • Q : Negatively sloped demand curve for

    The idea which harsher and more certain punishment decreases cheating on examinations recommends that: (i) Normative values must guide the positive economics. (ii) Student honesty has refused in recent years. (iii) Macroeconomic reasoning as well applies to microecono

  • Q : Law of demand is price in the law of

    is price in the law of demand an absolute or relative price

  • Q : Adverse Selection example Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The car dealer never proposed to honor a guarantee on a utilized car, providing an illustration of: (1) Moral hazard. (2) Economic dishonesty. (3) Price discrimination. (4) Mark

  • Q : Problem on Agency Shop The union

    The union strategy which prevents the non-union employees of the firm from being free riders is to negotiate a contract which needs the firm to be a/an: (i) Agency shop. (ii) Open shop. (iii) Collective bargaining shop. (iv) Closed shop. (v) Union shop.

  • Q : Determine present value by interest rate

    When the annual interest rate is 12 percent and a rental house can be expected to rent perpetually for price of $1,000 monthly, in that case the house has a present value of approximately: (1) $240,000. (2) $144,000. (3) $100,000. (4) $72,000. (5) $12

  • Q : Follow Lower Bond Price Lower bond

    Lower bond prices follow through higher: (w) interest rates. (x) real estate speculation. (y) present value of future income by the bonds. (z) growth rates of national income.

    Please choose the right answer from ab

  • Q : What is Budget line Budget line : This

    Budget line: This refers to all combinations of goods that a consumer can purchase with his whole income and price of two goods.

  • Q : Negative marginal revenue Monopolies

    Monopolies will not function in the inelastic portion of the demand curves they face since: (w) marginal revenue is negative. (x) total revenues are negative. (y) total revenue falls as less is produced. (z) marginal revenue is always greater than mar

  • Q : Occurrence of equilibrium output of firm

    Economists frequently suppose that equilibrium output for any firm arises where: (w) revenue is maximized. (x) revenue is rising. (y) profit is rising. (z) profit is maximized.

    Can someone explain/help me with best

  • Q : Company Unions-tools for managers Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Unions which act primarily as the tools for managers of a firm are termed as: (1) Managerial unions. (2) Company unions. (3) Wildcat unions. (4) Union-busters.

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