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  • Q : Illustration of specific training The

    The knowledge gained while an Apple employee learns a specialized technique on an iPod assembly line is an illustration of: (w) comparative technological advantage. (x) specific training. (y) on-the-job leveraging. (z) general training.

    Q : Derived Demand in Competitive Labor

    Derived demand refers to: (w) consumer demand for products, based on expected utility. (x) government demand for social goods, based upon tax revenue. (y) business demand for resources, based upon consumer demand for products. (z) supplier demand for

  • Q : Household Assets and the Supply of Labor

    The most valuable assets of many households are the household’s: (1) money and jewelry. (2) homes and real estate. (3) human capital and labor. (4) stocks and bonds. (5) bank accounts.

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  • Q : Moral Hazard and Efficiency Wages

    Firing a worker who regularly goods off and calls in sick may not resolve the moral hazard problem of shirking when: (w) there is a high probability which the worker will sue the firm. (x) the local unemployment rate is high. (y) average worker productivity is low. (z

  • Q : Analysis of Costs and Revenue with

    Refer to below figure. Assume that the firm is currently producing Q2units. What occurs if this expands output to Q3units: w) Its profit raises by the size of the vertical distance df. x) this makes less profit. y) this incurs a loss. z) this wil

  • Q : Explain why firms may close in Short Run

    Val Alvarado, an accountant, quit his $80,000 year job and bought an existing laundry through its earlier owner, he was Ricky White. The lease has five years stayed and needs a monthly payment of $4,000. Val's explicit cost amounts to $3,000 per month more than his

  • Q : Illustrates the term Elasticity

    Illustrates the term Elasticity?

  • Q : Substantial amounts of

    A currently-laid-off worker is probably to find another job quickly when the worker has substantial amounts of: (i) unemployment compensation and a strong union. (ii) specific human capital gained at the previous job. (iii) screening,

  • Q : Define the some criticized highlight

    Define the some criticized highlight points of Adam Smith?

  • Q : Initially purely competitive labor

    When this purely competitive labor market is firstly into equilibrium at D0L, S0L, raise in labor productivity will result within equilibrium being attained at: (w) D0L, S0L. (x) D1L, S0L

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