Finance and Economics Activity

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   Related Questions in Managerial Economics

  • Q : Linear supply curves and elasticity

    Along two supply curves which are straight lines by the origin, the price elasticity of supply as: (w) is below 1 for all prices and quantities upon both curves. (x) is less for a given quantity beside the steeper curve. (y) equals on

  • Q : Hiring additional workers exceeds the

    One purpose that firms hire labor at the point where w is equal to P x MPPL is: (1) if w < P x MPPL, the cost (w) of hiring additional workers exceeds the gains (P x MPPL) of hiring them, therefore they would hire fewer workers. (2) when w > P x

  • Q : Marginal revenue productivity When the

    When the marginal revenue product of the last worker hired is superior to the marginal resource cost of the worker, in that case the firm: (w) is experiencing increasing returns to scale. (x) can increase its profits by hiring more la

  • Q : Introduction of the term Marginal

    Provide a brief introduction of the term Marginal Costing? And also write down the essential suppositions made by Marginal Costing?

  • Q : Explain about the signaling Signaling :

    Signaling: (w) attempts to finesse adverse selection. (x) involves behavior by agents to communicate special qualifications which will elicit the offer of a contract from a principal. (y) refers to potential employees obtaining skills, education or ex

  • Q : Substantial general training to certain

    When a firm gives substantial general training to specific workers: (i) it is probable to pay them a premium wage to cut labor turnover. (ii) the workers are likely to receive less pay than their VMPs after such training. (iii) the workers are most pr

  • Q : Additional unit in increasing real wage

    When the real wage raises, in that case an additional unit of: (w) labor supplied will buy fewer goods. (x) leisure is more expensive. (y) output need more labor time. (z) capital becomes more highly utilized.


  • Q : Government license in operating

    Gilligan is hiring new workers to help run his Island Getaway resort. Gilligan makes a decision that he will not hire a new worker unless they have been properly trained and certified into wilderness survival and have a license by the government to operate watercraft.

  • Q : Moral Hazard and Efficiency Wages

    Firing a worker who regularly goods off and calls in sick may not resolve the moral hazard problem of shirking when: (w) there is a high probability which the worker will sue the firm. (x) the local unemployment rate is high. (y) average worker productivity is low. (z

  • Q : Income Effects and Substitution Effects

    When the substitution effect of a higher wage rate is more powerful than the income effect, in that case the: (1) supply curve of labor will be positively sloped. (2) demand for leisure increases as income rises. (3) human capital eff

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