Finance and Economics Activity

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  • Q : Derived Demand in Competitive Labor

    Derived demand refers to: (w) consumer demand for products, based on expected utility. (x) government demand for social goods, based upon tax revenue. (y) business demand for resources, based upon consumer demand for products. (z) supplier demand for

  • Q : Smoothing techniques or Exponential

    Explain about the term smoothing techniques.

  • Q : Illustrates the important leading

    Illustrates the important leading indices?

  • Q : Market supply of specialized labor A

    A supply of specialized labor tends to shrink while: (1) the social status of that field rises. (2) an increase in income expectations happens. (3) employment stability increases and training costs decrease. (4) wages rise into a field using similar s

  • Q : Illustrates the Income Elasticity of

    Illustrates the Income Elasticity of Demand?

  • Q : Factors governing prices and pricing

    Illustrates the factors governing prices and pricing decision in briefly?

  • Q : Determine marginal resource cost of

    If hiring hundred extra workers increases the firms total cost through $10,000, and each extra worker increases output from 50 units, in that case on the average: (w) profit will fall by $10,000. (x) the value of the marginal product of labor is $10,0

  • Q : Screening and Credentialism Critics of

    Critics of “credentialism” believe which firms making employment decisions tend to rely much heavily on: (1) personal contacts. (2) past experience. (3) personality testing. (4) job interviews. (5) formal training and education.

  • Q : Wage Rates and Opportunity Costs

    Reasons why workers are often paid more than they could make in their best alternative positions do not include: (1) human capital valued by many firms. (2) membership in a union along with a labor contract. (3) holding a minimum wage job when most unskilled workers a

  • Q : Define the difference between

    Define the difference between accounting and economic cost.