Finance and Economics Activity

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  • Q : Define the going rate pricing briefly

    Define the going rate pricing briefly.

  • Q : Illustrates the criteria for good

    Illustrates the criteria for good forecasting method?

  • Q : Labor and Diminishing Returns All else

    All else equal, employees will eventually be less productive: (w) the greater is the amount of physical capital. (x) when they receive more certain training and less general knowledge. (y) if the wage rate is increased. (z) as more and more people are put on an assemb

  • Q : Average Variable Cost Profit

    A purely competitive firm which hires more workers while the value of the marginal product of labor increases above the competitively set wage rate will absolutely experience increases in its: (i) overhead costs. (ii) profit per unit.

  • Q : Economic Capital and Per Capita Income

    The Black Plague which killed millions of medieval Europeans probably mainly directly and instantly resulted in: (1) Greater trust on the mercantilist economic theory. (2) Higher standards of living for survivors. (3) More positive attitudes of early Christian theolog

  • Q : Maximizes profit by hiring labor A firm

    A firm maximizes profit through hiring labor at the point where labor’s: (1) marginal physical product equals its average physical product. (2) marginal revenue product equals its marginal resource cost. (3) rate of exploitation is greatest. (4)

  • Q : Introduction of the term P-V ratio Give

    Give a brief introduction of the term P/V ratio and Contribution?

  • Q : Derived Demand in Competitive Labor

    Derived demand refers to: (w) consumer demand for products, based on expected utility. (x) government demand for social goods, based upon tax revenue. (y) business demand for resources, based upon consumer demand for products. (z) supplier demand for

  • Q : Explain the money cost concept briefly

    Explain the money cost concept briefly.

  • Q : Illustrates the pricing policy and

    Illustrates the pricing policy and practices?

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