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   Related Questions in Managerial Economics

  • Q : Illustration of specific training The

    The knowledge gained while an Apple employee learns a specialized technique on an iPod assembly line is an illustration of: (w) comparative technological advantage. (x) specific training. (y) on-the-job leveraging. (z) general training.

    Q : Trade types of cycle distinguished by

    What are the trade types of cycle distinguished by Schumpeter?

  • Q : Shifting of market for productivity

    When the U.S. soybean market is primarily in equilibrium on S0D0, and in that case a new fertilizer raises farm productivity and concurrently, foreigners are permitted greater access to U.S. soybean, there the market shifts to: (

  • Q : What are the scopes of managerial

    What are the scopes of managerial economics?

  • Q : Offsets the amount of revenue to added

    Profit maximizing firms will adjust their employment of labor till the last employee hired adds: (w) more to the firm’s revenue than this adds to cost. (x) more to the firm’s cost than this adds to the firm’s revenue. (y) an amount o

  • Q : Income effect and substitution effect

    When comparing these labor supplies, which are clear by the income effect of a modification in wage rates is: (w) negative for Morgan and positive for Chandra. (x) less powerful than substitution effect for both of such workers. (y) positive for Morgan and negative fo

  • Q : More productive firm for labor Workers

    Workers who keep their jobs will be more productive after firms adjust to raises in: (1) competition in an industry. (2) wages. (3) technological advances. (4) capital costs. (5) government regulation.

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  • Q : Illustrates terms total cost

    Illustrates the terms total cost, average cost and also marginal cost?

  • Q : Charging the competitive price in the

    An apparent monopoly might charge the competitive price in the long run when: (w) exit is costly. (x) entry and exit are relatively costless. (y) this is not a natural monopoly. (z) this is not regulated.

    Q : Defined the simple way for production

    Defined the simple way for production function?

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