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  • Q : Economic efficiency for consumption and

    Economic efficiency for all consumption and production choices would guarantee getting the social objectives of: (w) equality of income distribution. (x) employment and educational opportunities for all. (y) enhanced environmental quality. (z) None of

  • Q : Tutorial 7. The San Diego Zoo is

    7. The San Diego Zoo is contemplating a stuffed panda bear advertising promotion. Annualized sales data from local shops marketing the "Can't Bear it When You're Away" bear indicate that: Q = 50,000 - 1,000P where Q is Panda bear sales and P is price. A. How many pandas could the zoo sell at $30

  • Q : Charging the competitive price in the

    An apparent monopoly might charge the competitive price in the long run when: (w) exit is costly. (x) entry and exit are relatively costless. (y) this is not a natural monopoly. (z) this is not regulated.

    Q : Linear supply curves and elasticity

    Along two supply curves which are straight lines by the origin, the price elasticity of supply as: (w) is below 1 for all prices and quantities upon both curves. (x) is less for a given quantity beside the steeper curve. (y) equals on

  • Q : Illustrate Screening by Asymmetric

    Insistence by a potential employer which job applicants submit a résumé is an illustration of: (1) networking. (2) screening. (3) signaling. (4) bragging. (5) qualifying.

    Please choose the right answer from above...I

  • Q : Illustrates the conditions of price

    Illustrates the conditions of price discrimination?

  • Q : Equal pay for equal work rule Rigid

    Rigid enforcement of “equal-pay-for-equal-work” law would: (w) raise the wage of minority workers who had been discriminated against. (x) lower the wages of “favored” non minority workers who had received higher wages before. (

  • Q : How most goods and resources are

    In countries employing decentralized markets for nearly all decision making: (1) Private individuals select how most resources and goods are allocated. (2) Nonhuman resources should be individually owned. (3) Elaborate economic plans are planned and enforced by law. (

  • Q : Illustrates the factors changes in

    Illustrates the factors changes in demand?

  • Q : Illustrates the significance of

    Illustrates the significance of elasticity?

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