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  • Q : Differences between Sunk Cost and

    Illustrates the differences between Sunk Cost and Incremental cost?

  • Q : Explain the follow-up pricing Explain

    Explain the follow-up pricing.

  • Q : Bend backward labor supplies Labor

    Labor supply curvesbend backward” within response to overwhelmingly powerful: (i) marginal effort effects. (ii) income effects. (iii) wealth effects. (iv) derived supply effects. (v) substitution effects.

    Q : Explain about cartel in economics A

    A cartel is: (a) an oligopoly model which relies on interdependence. (b) an organization of oligopolist firms behaving like a monopoly. (c) an organization of firms that jointly make decisions. (d) All of the above.

    Q : Demand demand has three

    demand has three essentials-damand+purchasing power+.???

  • Q : Costs of investing in human capital The

    The costs of investing in human capital are probably to be borne through an employer when the human capital is: (1) general. (2) marginal. (3) precise. (4) generic. (5) specific.

    Can someone explain/help me with be

  • Q : Competitive Supply Curves of Labor to

    When a firm does not influence the wage rate no matter how many workers this hires, then: (1) MRPL = MRCL for all feasible output levels for the firm. (2) MRCL = MPPL for all feasible output levels for the firm. (3) MPPL = MRPL for all feasible output

  • Q : Qualifications of a potential in

    Screening refers to: (w) employers examining the qualifications of a potential employee before hiring. (x) applicants acquiring additional schooling in order to attain a certain job. (y) employers hiring only people of a certain race or sex. (z) applicants learning as

  • Q : Most exceed the wages or specific

    Firms tend to offer wages which most greatly exceed the wages which workers would earn elsewhere to workers who have: (1) profit-sharing plans. (2) specific training. (3) prenuptial agreements. (4) non-compete clauses in their work contracts. (5) general training.

  • Q : Explain the role of demand factor in

    Explain the role of demand factor in pricing briefly.

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