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   Related Questions in Managerial Economics

  • Q : Accumulation of certificates of

    A potential employee’s accumulation of certificates and degrees to stimulate interest through a potential employer is termed by economists as: (1) specific training. (2) signaling. (3) general training. (4) screening. (5) ticket-punching.


  • Q : Describe the Long term Demand

    Describe the Long term Demand Forecasting.

  • Q : What are the various fields of Economics

    What are the various fields of Economics? Explain.

  • Q : Labor Supplies in Competitive Markets

    The individual firm in a purely competitive labor market: (1) faces a perfectly elastic supply of labor at the equilibrium wage. (2) faces a perfectly inelastic supply of labor at the equilibrium wage. (3) has a perfectly elastic demand for labor at t

  • Q : Screening and Credentialism Critics of

    Critics of “credentialism” believe which firms making employment decisions tend to rely much heavily on: (1) personal contacts. (2) past experience. (3) personality testing. (4) job interviews. (5) formal training and education.

  • Q : Elasticity of the supply possible

    When Chandra and Morgan are identically skilled and every can decide the number of hours she works as: (w) the elasticity of Morgan’s labor supply exceeds the elasticity of supply for Chandra’s labor at each possible quantity of labor. (x) Morgan’s i

  • Q : Explain Exceptional Demand Curve

    Explain Exceptional Demand Curve.

  • Q : What are the main features of

    What are the main features of managerial economics?

  • Q : Occurrence of backward bending supply

    A backward bending supply curve is more likely to arise for the supply of: (1) labor. (2) land. (3) capital.  (4) tomatoes. (5) leisure.

    Please choose the right answer from above...I want your suggestion for t

  • Q : Estimate demand The Real Kool Toys

    The Real Kool Toys Company manufactures and sells educational toys. An empirical demand function for one of the firm's products has been estimated over the last 21 quarters using regression analysis. The estimated demand function is: QY = -8,000 - 5,000PY + 192A + 120I + 2,000PX (6,000) (1,000)

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