Finance and Economics Activity

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   Related Questions in Managerial Economics

  • Q : States the Demand Forecasting in terms

    States the Demand Forecasting in terms of production?

  • Q : Equal pay for equal work rule Rigid

    Rigid enforcement of “equal-pay-for-equal-work” law would: (w) raise the wage of minority workers who had been discriminated against. (x) lower the wages of “favored” non minority workers who had received higher wages before. (

  • Q : Explain why firms may close in Short Run

    Val Alvarado, an accountant, quit his $80,000 year job and bought an existing laundry through its earlier owner, he was Ricky White. The lease has five years stayed and needs a monthly payment of $4,000. Val's explicit cost amounts to $3,000 per month more than his

  • Q : Illustrates the significance of

    Illustrates the significance of elasticity?

  • Q : Supply of Labor The firm in this

    The firm in this illustrated graph is clearly: (1) price taker in the sale of its output because of the shapes of the VMP and MRP curves. (2) price taker in the purchase of labor when this can hire as several workers as this chooses at roughly of $13 per hour. (3) mon

  • Q : Government license in operating

    Gilligan is hiring new workers to help run his Island Getaway resort. Gilligan makes a decision that he will not hire a new worker unless they have been properly trained and certified into wilderness survival and have a license by the government to operate watercraft.

  • Q : Labor and Revenue in Purely Competitive

    Short run total revenue of the purely competitive firm would be at a maximum along with: (1) 600 workers. (2) 700 workers. (3) 800 workers. (4) 900 workers (5) 1000 workers.

    Q : Define the term cost plus pricing

    Define the term cost plus pricing.

  • Q : Requirement of equal paying amounts A

    A requirement of equal pay for workers along with equal amounts of education, responsibility, and experience is termed as the doctrine of: (1) marginal productivity. (2) non-exploitation. (3) central wage planning. (4) comparable wort

  • Q : LEAST probable backward bending supply

    The supply curve of labor is LEAST probable to be “backward bending” for: (1) an individual worker. (2) the economy as a whole. (3) highly specialized industries which are main employers of dedicated PhDs hired only after