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  • Q : Profit Maximization in Labor Market and

    As a firm is a pure competitor in both the labor market and during the sale of its product, this will hire labor where: (w) profit is maximized. (x) marginal revenue product = marginal resource cost. (y) wage = value of the marginal product. (z) All o

  • Q : Negatively bending Labor Supplies An

    An individual’s labor supply curve is negatively sloped that is backward-bending into a range of wages while the: (i) demand for goods exceeds the demand for leisure. (ii) worker offers more hours of labor while the wage rate in

  • Q : Illustrates opinion of Samuelson to

    Illustrates the opinion of Samuelson for explaining Law of Demand?

  • Q : Individual firm in purely competitive

    A purely competitive resource market shows that an individual firm faces a resource supply curve which is: (w) perfectly inelastic. (x) perfectly elastic. (y) downward sloping. (z) backward bending.

    Q : Pay the lowest wages in market

    Occupations along with the highest percentage of women workers tend to: (1) pay the highest wages. (2) need relatively more human capital and experience. (3) pay the lowest wages. (4) require very small human capital or experience.

  • Q : Learning-by-doing Firms may make use of

    Firms may make use of low prices to enter a market and gain market share therefore is can learn the intricacies of a particular product line or business. It is an illustration of: (1) limit pricing. (2) accommodation. (3) learning-by-

  • Q : Diminishing Returns and Increasing Costs

    I have a problem in economics on Diminishing Returns and Increasing Costs. Please help me in the following question. The concave (or bowed out) production possibilities frontier means that the opportunity costs are: (i) Constant (ii) Increasing (iii)

  • Q : What are the certain assumptions in

    What are the certain assumptions in production functions?

  • Q : Illustrates the private cost of

    Illustrates the private cost of production?

  • Q : Surpluses quantity for Supply and Demand

    When an exceptionally warm winter caused the quantity of cashmere sweaters supplied to exceed the quantity demanded at the present market price, in that case: (1) cashmere sweaters will be more heavily demanded subsequent year than this year. (2) an overload of cashme

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