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My state is Texas

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  • Q : How do mergers influence small

    How do mergers influence small businesses?
    According to a recent study through Federal Reserve & Wharton Financial Institutions Center economists, not a great deal. Their analysis revealed that acquisitions don't seem to be related with a sig

  • Q : Financial crisis of India during 1997 I

    I have to explain Financial crisis of India during 1997. Can someone help me in this question ?

  • Q : Define Obligations Obligations : The

    Obligations: The amounts that a governmental unit might legally be needed to pay out of its resources. Budgetary authority should be obtainable before obligations can be formed. For budgetary aims, obligations comprise payables for goods or services r

  • Q : Consumers advocates expressed concern

    Consumer's advocates expressed concern over such merger possibilities. Elucidate this statement.

  • Q : What is Capital Outlay Capital Outlay

    Capital Outlay (CO): A character of expenses of funds to obtain land, plan and build new buildings, expand or transform existing buildings, and/or purchase tools associated to such construction.

  • Q : In which ratios long-term bond investor

    Which ratios would a potential long-term bond investor is most interested in? Describe.
    Current & potential lenders of long-term funds, such like banks & bondholders, are interested in debt ratios.  While a business's debt ratios ri

  • Q : State Section 30.00 Section 30.00 : It

    Section 30.00: It is a Control Section of Budget Act which amends Government Code Section 13340 to tha sunset continuous appropriations.

  • Q : Define Financial Controls Financial

    Financial Controls: Any measure of how fine a company or department controls its costs, at times stated as how far beneath or over budget it is. Financial controls are a critical portion of any financial system. They make sure that the resources are b

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