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  • Q : Describe free cash flows Describe "free

    Describe "free cash flows?"
    It represents the total cash flows from business operations which are obtainable to be distributed to the suppliers of a firm's capital each year either within the form of interest to the debt holders, or dividends to

  • Q : Explain Fund Condition Statement Fund

    Fund Condition Statement: A budget display, comprised in the Governor’s Budget, shortening the operations of a fund for the past, present, and budget years. The display comprises the starting balance, previous year adjustments, loans, revenue, t

  • Q : Reducing payroll costs It is likely

    It is likely that in the next few years, employers will face incresing pressures to reduce their payroll costs. critically evaluate the range of ways by which payroll costs can be reduced whilst taking into account the need to maintain a focus on the

  • Q : How does the market find out the fair

    How does the market find out the fair value of a bond?
    The fair value of bond is the present value of the bond's coupon interest payments plus the present value of the face value payment at maturity, discounted at the market's required rate of re

  • Q : Explain primary assumption behind

    Explain primary assumption behind the experience approach to forecasting?
    The experience approach to forecasting is depending on the supposition that things will happen a certain way in the future since they happened that way in the past. For exa

  • Q : Why do focusing on cash flows rather

    Why do we focus on cash flows rather than profits while evaluating proposed capital budgeting projects?
    We targeted on cash flows instead of profits while evaluating proposed capital budgeting projects since it is cash flow that changes the valu

  • Q : What is Make-Buy Analysis Make-Buy

    Make-Buy Analysis: Business decision which compares the costs and advantages of manufacturing a product or product component alongside purchasing it. When the purchase price is high than what it would cost the manufacturer to prepare it, or when the m

  • Q : Explain Unscheduled Reimbursements

    Unscheduled Reimbursements: The Reimbursements collected by an agency which were not budgeted and are accounted for by an individual reimbursement class of an appropriation. To expend unscheduled reimbursements, the budget revision sh

  • Q : Describe the benefits of paying late

    Describe the benefits of "paying late" (but not too late) and how do companies try to do this?
    Since money has time value, the later cash is paid, but not too late, the better. Companies employ remote disbursement banks to facilitate holding at

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