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  • Q : Inverse cipher and AES decryption

    State the difference between equivalent inverse cipher and AES decryption algorithm?

  • Q : Competition matrix-Michael Porters

    The competition matrix is a term used while talking about strategy development, first used by Michael E. Porter 1983. They tell about product politics in marketing for individual business fields of an enterprise to gain competition advantage. In this,

  • Q : LAN Security Systems LAN Security

    LAN Security Systems: The threats might be of very serious concern to the organization and hence they should be addressed with the deployment of a security system which can prevent the attacker to access the information which is sensitive to the organ

  • Q : Explain LAN security in an Organization

    Introduction: The companies are able to deploy wireless LAN easily as the communication mode is wireless and hence no physical cables are put to use and drawing physical cable throughout the building incurs more time as compared to wireless LAN. With

  • Q : Mathematical constants used in RC5

    Specify the common mathematical constants which are used in RC5?

  • Q : Define Google click fraud Google click

    Google click fraud: It is a type of internet crime which occurs in pay per click online advertising while a person, automated script, or computer program imitates legitimate user of any web browser clicking on an ad, for producing a charge per click w

  • Q : What is meet-in-the-middle attack

    Explain what is meet-in-the-middle attack?

  • Q : Address allocation and flow mapping

    Any questions that are completed should be explained and given a general reason to why that strategy was used. Address allocation is already done and flow mapping is already completed. I just need Q2, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9 answered.


  • Q : Distribution of secret keys to

    Specify the ways through which the secret keys may be distributed to the two communicating parties.

  • Q : Types of Computer crimes Explain the

    Explain the various types of Computer crimes ?

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