ENMIN 5120 Tunnelling and Mine Development

A new vertical shaft has been proposed to connect surface to existing workings at a depth of 1000m below ground. The shaft is to be a mineral hoisting shaft with the ability to act as an emergency egress and has a proposed circular shape of 6m diameter. The stratigraphy of the geological strata at the shaft site is as follows: Depth from surface Strata type 0-20m Soil/overburden 20-100m Weak regolith 100-300m Siltstone of moderate strength low water flow 300-400m Impermeable shale of moderate strength 400-800m Bunter sandstone of high strength, aquifer, high water flow 800-1000m Shales, medium strength, low water flow The purpose of the exercise is for students to develop a shaft sinking and lining strategy for the site. The expectation is for students to compile a report of their findings, the report should include: 1. Proposed excavation strategies 2. Timelines/project management for the project 3. Equipment and consumables used 4. Costing’s ( a useful source is the AusIMM monograph ‘Cost estimation handbook’) 5. lining design 6. sinking stage design 7. shaft fittings and any other salient points. Note: students should list any assumptions made.

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