Elements needed by cloud architecture

State the various elements needed by the cloud architecture.




There are five major elements of the cloud architecture:

a) Cloud Ingress:

It offers a mean in order to communicate with the outside world. This may be done along with the help of communication methods like:

i) HTTP communications

ii) Queue based communications


iv) Service Bus

b) Processor Speed:

Processor speed is the main section over which the whole cloud architecture is based upon. It offers on demand resources which can be dynamically assigned to the user. It saves lots of cost and has several benefits of the virtualization.

c) Cloud storage services:

Cloud services offer the way in order to store the data to the user's applications. It is used to give the services for various kinds of storages such as: table data, files.

d) Cloud provided services:

Additional services are offered by the cloud, such as data services, payment processing services, and search or the web functionality services.

e) Intra-Cloud communications:

It offers a way in order to communicate with the other systems which are utilizing the cloud architecture. Providers usually offer services so that one user may communicate easily with the other user by being on the cloud.

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