what is infinite elasticity?

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  • Q : Affects of costs and revenues in

    When the relative positions of all affects on costs and revenues are the same for all the several firms in this industry, in that case this firm is most likely operating in a: (w) differentiated oligopoly market in the short run. (x) monopolistically

  • Q : Typical pure competitor firm in industry

    When this firm is a typical pure competitor within this industry as in demonstrated figure, then the firm is: (i) making normal accounting profit. (ii) making zero economic profit. (iii) breaking even. (iv) into an industry within long run equilibrium

  • Q : Reinforces the substitution effect For

    For normal goods which experience price changes, then the income effect: (i) Recognizes how higher money income influences demands for goods. (ii) Invalidates the diminishing marginal utility law. (iii) Offsets the substitution effect. (iv) Reinforces the substitution

  • Q : Equilibrium quantity and price

    Elucidate the consequence of an increase in demand of a commodity on its equilibrium quantity and price?

    Answer: Increase in demand causes a rightward shift in the

  • Q : Feature of pure competition NOT a

    NOT a feature of pure competition would be: (w) identical products of firms. (x) long-run freedom of entry and exit. (y) large numbers of sellers and buyers. (z) price making behavior by individual firms.

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  • Q : Marginal product I can't discover the

    I can't discover the answer of this question of my economy assignment. Help me out to go through this question. If any variable input is not scarce input, then at maximum output what would be its marginal product?

  • Q : Limitation of price elasticities of

    Price elasticities of supply and demand do NOT: (w) reflect desperation for goods and customers by buyers and sellers, respectively. (x) rise as the time period considered is expanded. (y) find out the economic incidence of a tax. (z) find out the leg

  • Q : Determine total fixed cost This

    This profit-maximizing pure competitor’s fixed cost (TFC) can be calculated as area of: (1) 0Phq2. (2) 0bgq2. (3) Pbgh. (4) 0aeq1. (5) daef.

    Q : Problem on Minimum Wage Sec. A :The

    Sec. A:The Bureau of Labor Statistics of a small state has asked you to analyze a minimum wage policy to support unskilled workers in the State’s local economy, which is still suffering from the effects of the recession.  Based on

  • Q : Greater economics loss than fixed costs

    Within the short run, there a monopolistically competitive firm will NOT operate at: (w) an economic loss that is less than fixed costs. (x) an economic loss that is greater than fixed costs. (y) making a normal profit. (z) making economic profits.

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