what is infinite elasticity?

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  • Q : Satisfaction gained from consuming

    The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility defines that the: (i) Satisfaction gained from consuming additional units of a good ultimately decline. (ii) Extra cost of energy from the public utility will ultimately decline. (iii) MUa/Pa = MUb/Pb = ... = MUz/Pz. (iv) Ux/X =

  • Q : Profit-maximizing firm in oligopoly

    Relative to firms into other market structures, there a profit-maximizing firm in an oligopoly: (1) is more efficient than firms in a perfectly competitive structure. (2) produces a larger level of output than firms within any other m

  • Q : Occurrence of lower bond prices Lower

    Lower bond prices arise simultaneously while there are increases into: (1) optimism among investors in economic capital. (2) government budget surpluses. (3) the rates of saving by households. (4) the liquidity of all financial assets. (5) interest ra

  • Q : Relatively price elastic demand For

    For Cournot’s Spring Water the demand is relatively price elastic at: (i) point a. (ii) point b. (iii) point c (iv) point d. (v) point e.

    Q : Statement of Craft unions I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Definition of Craft unions. Please help me in the following question. The Craft unions systematize all the workers: (i) In a specific firm or industry, in spite of skill or craft. (ii) In a specific craft, even when th

  • Q : Reducing elasticities of demands by

    By product differentiation, firms try to increase the: (w) demands for their products, when reducing elasticities of demands. (x) supply elasticities of competing products. (y) price elasticity of the demand for their products. (z) marginal costs of t

  • Q : Problem on short run demand I have a

    I have a problem in economics on short run demand. Please help me in the following question. In short run, the demand mainly depends most on: (1) Supply. (2) Costs of production. (3) Consumer tastes and preferences. (4) Technology. (5) Resource access

  • Q : Price of related good in elasticity of

    How the demand for one good alters while the price of an associated good is changed is measured through the: (w) relative ratios of the slopes of the respective demands and supplies. (x) price cross elasticity of demand. (y) ratios of the respective p

  • Q : Tariffs Choose the right answer from

    Choose the right answer from following. Tariffs: A) may be imposed either to raise revenue (revenue tariffs) or to shield domestic producers from foreign competition (protective tariffs). B) are also called import quotas. C) are excise taxes on goods exported abroad.

  • Q : Agency Shop Agreements-Labor contracts

    I have a problem in economics on Agency Shop Agreements-Labor contracts. Please help me in the following question. The labor contracts having agency shop arrangements need: (1) Staff of the firm to pay dues to union. (2) The firm to hire just union me