what is infinite elasticity?

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  • Q : Present Value of an Annual Income The

    The present value of an annual income stream which goes on forever equals the annual income as: (w) times infinity. (x) divided by the wage rate. (y) multiplied by the interest rate. (z) divided by the interest rate.

    Q : Net income by negative income tax Under

    Under the negative income tax system demonstrated in this figure, a family of four along with no earned income would have a net after-tax income of: (1) $15,000 per year. (2) $10,000 per year. (3) $5,000 per year. (4) $2,500 per year. (5) $0 per year.

  • Q : Vigorously competitive market

    Economic rents which can be capitalized are least possible to arise by: (1) production cost advantages. (2) proprietary knowledge. (3) being first to market a differentiable new product or to innovate a new production technology. (4) a vigorously comp

  • Q : Words of Joseph A. Schumpeter about

    According to Joseph A. Schumpeter as: (1) refined and popularized the idea that profits derive by innovation. (2) perceived profits as rewards for bearing uncertainty. (3) believed which monopoly firms are so inefficient which none fully realize their

  • Q : Problem concerning Exploitation I have

    I have a problem in economics on Problem concerning Exploitation. Please help me in the given question. Whenever resource suppliers are salaried less than the values of their marginal products [or VMPs], then they are stated to be: (i) Monopsonistic.

  • Q : Long run equilibrium for a purely

    In long-run equilibrium for a purely competitive firm: (w) MC = P = MR = min.(LRAC). (x) MC = TR = PQ = AVC. (y) LRAC = PQ = TVC + TFC = MR. (z) P = Q = wL + rK = Y.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation fo

  • Q : Market adjustment for new equilibrium

    This market for peanuts will adjust to a new equilibrium at price: (1) P0 and quantity Q0. (2) P1 and quantity Q0. (3) P2 and quantity Q2. (4) P3 and quantity Q1.

  • Q : Determine probable price taker Of the

    Of the given firms, the probably to be a price taker would be: (1) Microsoft. (2) Wal-Mart. (3) Toyota. (4) the Los Angeles Lakers. (5) the biggest wheat farm in Canada.

    I need a good answer on the topic of

  • Q : When is marginal costs equivalent to

    A purely competitive firm adjusts production therefore its marginal costs equivalent the market price, thus: (w) minimizing losses or maximizing profit. (x) ensuring that total costs do not exceed total revenue. (y) surviving the shor

  • Q : Restricting output below competitive

    Below the competitive equilibrium output, restricting output will: (w) raise price above the competitive equilibrium price. (x) raise price above the marginal cost of the last unit produced. (y) generate a deadweight efficiency loss from underproducti