what is infinite elasticity?

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  • Q : Illustrations of Micro economic

    Give two illustrations of Micro economic variables studies.


    a. Individual demand
    b. Individual savings

  • Q : Income sufficient to physical survival

    The view about all people is entitled to income sufficient to comfortably sustain their physical survival is termed as the: (1) survival standard. (2) contribution standard. (3) needs standard. (4) standard deduction. (5) equality standard.

  • Q : Present value of a bond paying by

    At an interest rate of 5 percent per year the present value of a bond paying $100 yearly forever is: (a) infinite. (b) $500. (c) $909.10. (d) $2000.

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  • Q : Slope of ray by origin in price

    The slope of the ray by the origin which is tangent to point b equivalents to: (w) the reciprocal of the price elasticity of demand. (x) P / Q. (y) 0a / 0c. (z) the price elasticity of supply.

    Q : Income elasticity of demand when

    When average income rises from $18,000 to $22,000 yearly and yearly gasoline consumption per household increases from 1000 to 1500 gallons, in that case the income elasticity of demand for gas is: (1) in the inferior range. (2) 0.5. (

  • Q : Riskiness of an Investment When the

    When the riskiness of an investment into an apartment complex warrants a 12.5% annual rate of return and the complicated is expected to generate net cash flow (as after utilities, preservation and other costs) of $2 million per year,

  • Q : Define Producers Equilibrium Producer’s

    Producer’s Equilibrium: A producer (or a firm) is said to be in equilibrium whenever it earns maximum gains. Profit maximization of a firm signifies maximizing the difference between total cost and total revenue. Whenever the gains of the firm a

  • Q : Featherbedding in its hiring practices

    The summation of monopolistic exploitation across all the workers tends to raise however a firm as well operates at a more socially and economically proficient level of output and employment whenever the firm is capable to engage in: (1) Blacklisting in its dealings t

  • Q : Lowers mortgage payments on interest

    When interest rates fall and this lowers mortgage payments therefore homebuyers can afford to buy more costly houses, the predictable increase within housing prices is most directly a symptom of: (i) capitalization. (ii) a speculative

  • Q : Implicitly weigh marginal cost and

    implicitly weigh marginal cost and marginal benefit

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