what is infinite elasticity?

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  • Q : Supply of good at market price When

    When producers become willing and capable to sell more of a good at each and every market price, then there has been a raise in: (1) Consumer preferences. (2) Supply. (3) Quantity supplied. (4) Demand. (5) Capitalists’ profits.

    Q : Division of labor advantages for workers

    The advantages from the division of labor are improved as workers: (1) Are protected by the barriers which limit the international trade. (2) Who each recognize all facets of production gain an enhanced understanding of the whole project. (3) Constant

  • Q : Problem regarding to demography of

    Onto average, African-Americans into the U.S., when compared to whites: (1) earn lower incomes. (2) have less education. (3) experience higher rates of unemployment. (4) are less likely to be capable to retire on Social Security. (5) All of the above.

    Q : Long-run supply curve of a purely

    Long-run supply curve of a purely competitive industry has a slope which is: (w) negative to offset the positive slope of each firm’s short-run supply. (x) positive to reflect the positive slope of each firm’s short-run supply. (y) depende

  • Q : Problem on production costs I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Problem on production costs. Please help me in the following question. From the viewpoint of sellers, the market demand for the good mainly based least on: (i) Consumer preferences and tastes. (ii) Income and its distr

  • Q : Types of good An increase in the income

    An increase in the income of consumer X leads to a fall/down in the demand for that good by the consumer. What is good X termed?

    Answer: Normal good

  • Q : Harmness of price discrimination Price

    Price discrimination generally harms: (w) all consumers and benefits firms along with market power. (x) all firms along with market power and benefits all consumers. (y) some consumers, when helping sellers and several other consumers. (z) all sellers

  • Q : Absolute value of demand slope Since

    Since the price drop/falls and quantity demanded rises all along this demand curve for pizza, the absolute value of slope will be: (1) Is constant and elasticity falls. (2) Elasticity are constant. (3) Drop/falls and elasticity is constant. (4) Elasti

  • Q : Price inelastic demand without

    A monopolist, who does not price discriminate, cannot maximize profits through producing where demand is: (w) price elastic. (x) price inelastic. (y) above marginal cost. (z) above marginal revenue.

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  • Q : GDP In calculating the GDP national

    In calculating the GDP national income accountants

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