what is infinite elasticity?

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  • Q : Critics of contribution standard of

    Critics of contribution standard of the income distribution often: (w) cite inequality as evidence of inequity. (x) assert which private individuals must not be capable to accumulate any assets. (y) believe charitable giving should be

  • Q : Normal market supply curves I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Normal market supply curves. Please help me in the following question. The actuality that normal market supply curves slope upward is most obviously due to: (i) The lower costs incurred as production rises. (ii) Overti

  • Q : Exploitation of Labor-average revenue

    The Exploitation might not exist even when the wage a worker is paid is less than worker’s: (1) Average revenue product. (2) Marginal revenue product. (3) Marginal factor cost. (4) The value of marginal product.

    Can someone p

  • Q : Price crosses elasticity of demand when

    When a 2% raise in the price of Kibbles causes a 1% raise in the quantity sold of Bits, in that case their price cross elasticity of demand is approximately _____ and such goods are _____. (w) -2; complements (x) 0.5; substitutes (y) 2; substitutes (z

  • Q : Short run market supply curve for a good

    A short run market supply curve for a good manufactured within a purely competitive industry is derived through: (w) vertically summing the marginal cost curves above the AVC curves for all firms which may potentially enter the industry. (x) adding to

  • Q : Labor Unions and Union membership I

    I have a problem in economics on Labor Unions-Union membership. Please help me in the following question. The union membership is most widespread among: (1) White collar workers. (2) Managers and Supervisors. (3) Blue collar workers. (4) Young, upward

  • Q : Gross Domestic Product of Norway What

    What do you mean by Gross Domestic Product of Norway?

  • Q : Increasing equality in distribution of

    Increasing equality within the distribution of income or wealth is generally related with: (1) decreases in the population’s total amount of income or wealth. (2) lower values for the Gini coefficient. (3) greater overall curvat

  • Q : Describing monopoly Illustrate the term

    Illustrate the term monopoly?

  • Q : Problem on Vertical Mergers Assume that

    Assume that Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream purchases a big dairy farm and some sugar cane farms. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is practicing: (i) Vertical integration. (ii) Horizontal integration. (iii) Monopolization. (iv) Industrial concentration. (v) Conglomer

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