Why are democratic regimes more conducive to economic growth than dictatorship

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  • Q : Organization of employees-Division of

    ‘Mama’ Jean consists of one employee bake crumbly, graham cracker crusts at Mama’s Home-Pies, whereas the other stirs gooey, hot, apple filling. Her staff is organized in accord with a/an: (1) Task management system. (2) Division of labor. (3) Compar

  • Q : Illustrate the Law of supply Illustrate

    Illustrate the Law of supply?

  • Q : Society material wants are scarce

    Explain the foundation of economics where society’s material wants are scarce resources?

  • Q : Heterodox pricing process Compare the

    Compare the costing and pricing process of heterodox pricing process to the procedures utilized in neoclassical microeconomics to set prices.  In what ways are heterodox prices altered from neoclassical prices?

  • Q : Favor laissez- faire economic policies

    Favor laissez- faire economic policies tended by Adam Smith, who also: (w) saw the requirement for several state intervention. (x) believed there were no conditions in which the government must intervene. (y) supported most government

  • Q : Expiation of Economists for Economic

    Please help me to solve the problem of economic that is given below:

    Economists describe economic costs as like: (w) money outlays. (x) accounting cost. (y) opportunity cost. (z) v

  • Q : Elucidate redistribution of income

    Elucidate redistribution of income?

  • Q : Why does the supply curve slope upward

    Explain the law of supply. Why does the supply curve slope upward?

  • Q : Budget line and indifference curves


    Monica has been considering buying a mountain bike. Last month Monica had an income of $30,000. The bike's price was $1000, the composite good price was $1, and she decided not to buy the bike.  This month Monica was surprised t

  • Q : Public policies for low-income Fuel

    Fuel stamp programs which subsidize heating oil purchases through low-income households encourage those families to: (w) create more income by working. (x) particularly conserve on their use of fuel. (y) live along with less purchasing power. (z) subs