Development and Distribution of Income

Compared to other relatively prosperous developed nations, the United States: (w) has greater inequality in the distribution of its wealth and national income. (x) enjoys the lowest cost medical care and the best average public health. (y) has been the most aggressive in successfully reducing inequality of income. (z) has the relatively lowest average retirement benefits for its senior citizens.

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    Greater inequality within the income distribution tends to give in greater: (1) social stability and harmony. (2) disincentives against productive efforts. (3) disparities between a Lorenz curve and a 45 degree reference line. (4) maturity of the mark

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    Suppose a doctor has a private clinic in New Delhi and his annual earnings are of Rs10 lakh. When he works in a Government Hospital in New Delhi, his annual earnings are of Rs 8 lakh. Determine the opportunity cost of encompassing a clinic in New Delhi?

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    When this monopolistic competitor makes Q units: (1) P > MC. (2) MR = MC. (3) total revenue total cost is maximized. (4) MSB > MSC. (5) All of the above.

    Q : Applied Writing must use graphs to

    must use graphs to demonstrate/support answers where available. Submission is to be made tonight, so needs to be finished urgently

  • Q : Describe inferior goods in economics

    Inferior goods in economics: Inferior goods refer to such goods whose demand reduces with the rise in income of consumer.

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