Define Expenditure

Expenditure: The expenditures reported on a department’s annual financial reports and “past year” budget documents comprises of amounts paid and accruals (comprising encumbrances and payables) for obligations made for the fiscal year. “Current Year” and “Budget Year” expenses in budget documents are approximations.

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  • Q : Explain Workload Budget Workload Budget

    Workload Budget: Workload Budget means the budget year cost of presently authorized services, adjusted for modifications in caseload, enrollment, population, statutory cost-of-living adjustments, one-time expenditures, chaptered legislation, full-year

  • Q : In which ratios long-term bond investor

    Which ratios would a potential long-term bond investor is most interested in? Describe.
    Current & potential lenders of long-term funds, such like banks & bondholders, are interested in debt ratios.  While a business's debt ratios ri

  • Q : Explain Expenditures by Category

    Expenditures by Category: A budget display, for each and every department, which reflects actual precedent year, estimated present year, and proposed budget year expenses presented by the character of expenditure (example, State Operations and/or Loca

  • Q : What is Continuing Appropriation

    Continuing Appropriation: This is an appropriation for the set amount which is obtainable for more than 1-year.

  • Q : Describe utilization of a risk-adjusted

    Describe how utilizing a risk-adjusted discount rate develop capital budgeting decision making compared to utilizing a single discount rate for all projects?
    The risk-adjusted discount rate develop capital budgeting decision making compared to t

  • Q : Define the term floor Floor: The

    Floor: The Assembly or Senate chambers or the word employed to explain the location of a bill or the kind of session. Matters might be termed to as “on the floor”.

  • Q : What is Budget Revision Budget Revision

    Budget Revision (BR): A document, generally approved by the Department of Finance, which cites a legal authority to authorize a modification in an appropriation. Usually, BRs either raise the appropriation or make adjustments to the groups or programs

  • Q : Describe Treasury bill Describe

    Describe Treasury bill? How risky is it?
    Treasury bills are short term debt instruments issued through the U.S. Treasury which are sold at a discount and pay face value at maturity.  They are very close to risk-free as they are backed throug

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