Define Expenditure

Expenditure: The expenditures reported on a department’s annual financial reports and “past year” budget documents comprises of amounts paid and accruals (comprising encumbrances and payables) for obligations made for the fiscal year. “Current Year” and “Budget Year” expenses in budget documents are approximations.

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    In a perfect capital market, what advice would you give a corporate financial manager on making capital structure decisions? Justify your advice. How and why would your advice change as real world capital market imperfections are introduced?

    Q : What is Revenue Revenue : Any adding up

    Revenue: Any adding up to cash or other current assets which does not raise any liability or reserve and does not symbolize the reduction or recovery of expenditure (example, reimbursements or abatements). Revenues are a kind of receipt usually derive

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    Define operating leverage effect and what causes it? Describe potential benefits and negative consequences of high operating leverage?
    The operating leverage effect is the phenomenon where a small change in sales triggers a comparatively large

  • Q : Midterm Exam for FIN 6000 Please

    Please complete the midterm exam independently.  Don't discuss it with other students in the class.  Please email me if you have any clarifying questions. 


  • Q : Define Reimbursements Reimbursements :

    Reimbursements: The amount received as a payment for the cost of services executed, or of other expenditures made for, or on behalf of, other entity (example, one department reimbursing the other for administrative work executed on its behalf). Reimbu

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    Section 28.50: It is a Control Section of the Budget Act which authorizes the Department of Finance to increase or reduce the reimbursement line of an appropriation schedule for the reimbursements received from agencies of other state. It too contains

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    Describe the risk-return relationship.
    The relationship among risk and required rate of return is term as the risk–return relationship.  This is a positive relationship since the more risk assumed, the higher the required rate of retur

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    Why might investors overestimate the prospects of growth companies and underestimate value companies?

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    Which ratios would banker is most interested while assuming whether to approve an application for short-term business loan? Illustrate.
    Bankers and other lenders employ liquidity ratios to distinguish whether to extend short-term credit to a firm

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    List and explain the three career opportunities in the field of finance.
    Finance has three main career paths: financial management, financial markets and institutions, and investments.

    • Financial managem

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