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  • Q : Explain valuation method for

    We were assigned a valuation of a pharmaceutical laboratory’ shares. Which valuation method is further convenient?

  • Q : Corporate Earnings Analysis exercise

    Identify two comparable corporations.  Explain why you think they are comparable to your corporation.

    Earnings analysis:  Do an earnings analysis of your corporation.  Calculate and plot.

    Q : Explain Butterfly Spread Strategies

    Butterfly Spread Strategies: In this strategy, there is no limit on the number of options that can be combined to form the butterfly spread. This strategy essentially combines both the bear spread and the bull spread. In this case, options with three

  • Q : Tax credit for lease payments problem

    ABC Inc. is planning to lease a computer for $3000 per annum, payable in advance, for a period of 4 years. The lease will cover maintenance costs. ABC CFO feels that if he buys the same computer he should be able to sell it at 15% of the purchase price after 4 years.

  • Q : Financial statements The concept of

    The concept of conservatism has been influential in the development of accounting theory and practice.  A major effect of conservatism is that accountants tend to recognize losses but not gains.  For example, when the value of an asset is impaired, it is wri

  • Q : Porters Secondary activities Porter's

    Porter's Secondary activities:

    1. Procurement:

    • Identification process of raw material.
    • Identification process of identifying probable suppliers.
    • Process of purchasing and calling quotes.

    2. Human Resource management:

  • Q : Explain the working of breakthrough for

    Explain the working of breakthrough in low-discrepancy sequences used for option valuation.

  • Q : Minimum pretax earnings XYZ Company is

    XYZ Company is planning to acquire a machine which will cost $200,000, that will last for 4 years. The company employs straight-line depreciation. The tax rate of XYZ is 35% and the proper discount rate in this situation is 12%.


  • Q : Problems under Time Value of Money One

    One of the projects the US loan would fund is to build earthquake-resistant buildings. The projectwill begin in March 2013, last for two years and is expected to have the following expenditures:start-up costs of $200,000 paid at the beginning of the first month; renta

  • Q : Strategy of Bear Spread State when

    State when markets are anticipated to go down then what is the Strategy of Bear Spread?

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